Ebooks & White papers


The ABCs of RPA implementation

In this ebook, we describe the common challenges RPA adopters face during their implementation journey, and the main steps involved in preparing a robust plan to design and develop your RPA initiatives. 

White papers

Governing your virtual workforce

In this white paper, we describe the current information security concerns around the deployment of a digital workforce, and how to build a safe environment and keeping it from going overboard with suggestions for installing a solid governance program to protect data in Dev, UAT, and Production environments, and monitor activities to ensure that RPA adoption is successful. 

How Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare Organizations are Leveraging RPA

RPA has been emerging in top industries in the last few years, with results that have substantially improved business performance and countered inefficiency across business functions. Due to the major cost reduction pressures in industries like banking and insurance, they are well suited to be early adopters in the RPA revolution. Download our white paper now to learn how RPA can make an impact in banking, insurance, and healthcare companies. 

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