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Innovating the Mortgage Lending Industry with RPA 

The vast majority of errors and exceptions in mortgage lending are commonplace. RPA can help mortgage lending organizations streamline operations, resulting in increased productivity, cheaper costs, and shorter turnaround times.

RPA for Mergers and Acquisitions

RPA can help with some of the biggest issues that arise when acquiring or merging a business, common challenges like data mapping, extraction, and remediation can be easily automated with RPA to minimize errors and drive productivity. In this White Paper, learn all about the value that RPA delivers during M&As.

Best Practices for RPA Evangelization

While robotic process automation has proven itself to be a transformational technology driving incredible results for businesses of all sectors, many organizations still struggle to obtain stakeholder buy-in to continue to expand and scale their RPA program. To
evangelize decision-makers and end-users on the adoption of RPA, strategic communication and change management will drive awareness, buy-in, and collaboration. 

How to Maximize your Oracle ERP investment with RPA

RPA is widely used for automation of daily operations and established processes regardless of functional scope, type of company, or industry specifics.

However, one-off activities, such as data migration and test data generation can also be prime use cases for RPA due to its ability to effortlessly connect systems without the need for time and cost-intensive programming of interfaces and stand-alone applications.

Optimizing Procurement with RPA

Automation enables organizations to streamline, modernize, and reduce costs for their procurement-related processes. RPA is a transformative technology that can provide immediate gains to efficiency and productivity to the procurement function, but when RPA is mixed with AI, organizations can evolve and enable Intelligent Procurement.

Optimizing Compliance with RPA

Automation enables organizations to ease compliance concerns across the enterprise, from the warehouse, to the front office, to the back office RPA helps companies make compliance part of their day to day operations, by using robots to ensure compliance across multiple regulatory regimes and jurisdictions.

Innovating the Retail and CPG industry with RPA

Retail and the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) organizations have a strong dependency on legacy systems that are embedded deep into their core operations and this dependency makes making significant changes too risky or extremely expensive. This is what makes RPA such a great match for retail organizations.

Innovating the Insurance industry with RPA

Rapid technology innovation, strong competition from insurtech, and new customer demands are making complex, siloed, legacy infrastructure increasingly problematic.

Today, most insurance CEOs are looking at “automation first” initiatives to boost digital transformation, enhance customer experience, and drive revenue growth through operational efficiency.

Innovating Human Resources with RPA

Organizations across the world have been implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on their Human Resources (HR) business units for the past few years.

Why? Because automation can help HR units save up to 40% of time and allow HR staff to focus on higher-value, more human-centric tasks.

Innovating the Casino and Gambling industry with RPA

Casinos and gambling companies need to evolve to be able to provide engaging, innovative products and services to customers, both old and new.

With RPA, casinos can leverage the vast amounts of data they collect on their customers to create and maintain better customer relationships and experiences, and ultimately make the house win with the help of robots.

Innovating the Telecommunications industry with RPA

Telecom companies must compete with one another to provide the fastest, most affordable, and cutting-edge services that allow people around the world to stay connected to global networks

Learn how RPA can enable telco organizations' ability to provide innovative customer services, keep costs down, and ensure maximum efficiency, compliance, and productivity across the enterprise.

Automated Release and Configuration Management

Robotic Process Automation can be leveraged to enable automated release and configuration management to accelerate the application release cycle within a large organization and streamline the process to perform upgrades and enhancements.

Automating Accounts Payable

Automation for accounts payable virtually eliminates the risk for errors and drastically decreases processing time due to the speed and accuracy of digital workers. This will free up the organization’s AP team to work on higher-value tasks.

RPA for Healthcare Providers: Automating Claim Denials Management

Claim denials, or the healthcare payer’s refusal to pay for the services provided to a patient, is a consistent issue for healthcare providers across the US.

Leveraging RPA in denials management process removes much of the strenuous and error-prone manual work faced by employees, streamlining the revenue recovery process and freeing up employee’s time for more value-add tasks.

RPA Governance Guide

Governance is a key component of any RPA initiative. With a structure in place to control it, RPA becomes more responsive, more agile, much less bureaucratic, and in turn enable the organization to reduce risks when scaling automation across the enterprise.

For organizations to avoid issues, risks, and failures it is important to deploy a centralized control and a robust governance framework.

Innovating Credit Unions with RPA

Credit union organizations need to remain competitive in today’s digital-first market, these organizations need to invest smartly in technological solutions that can continue to drive digital transformation at an enterprise-wide level, this is so credit union institutions can boost staff productivity, optimize their operations, and deliver a high-quality customer experience(CX).

Innovating Contact Centers with RPA

Contact centers and call centers leverage the human workforce to field incoming inquiries through phone, email, or web chats.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be leveraged to speed up the interaction with the client, provide a more thorough response, decrease the amount of human labor required to field incoming inquiries, and increase customer satisfaction through the reduction in human error.

Innovating the Logistics and Transportation Industry with RPA

To battle the competitivity and low productivity challenges, L&T companies need to focus on automating manual business processes and adding real time information interfaces so that incompatible data formats and ever changing interface landscapes will not affect the operational cost and efficiency of operations.

UiPath and Scalability: A Paper on Best Practices

Written by Will Tyler, a long time UiPath practitioner and RPA solution architect. This white paper shares his knowledge and his best practices to scaling automations in UiPath.

Learn about the roadmap to success when scaling automations, what to avoid as a developer, and what to focus on to make work easier, faster, and smarter.

Innovating the Utilities industry with RPA

The utilities industry is evolving in this digital era, and organizations have turned to RPA to help them tackle challenges like an aging IT infrastructure, slow service turnaround time, and overall bad customer experiences.

Leveraging RPA to automate and enhance processes and services helps utilities companies deliver better quality services, improve the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions.

Innovating Banking and Finance with RPA

Banking and financial institutions have turned to RPA to help their organizations digitally transform at an enterprise-wide level.

Learn about the most common use cases for banking and finance, where does RPA marry with these industries, and how to get the most out of RPA for banking and financial organizations.

Innovating Higher Education with RPA

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are facing the need to digitally transform to face cost-cutting pressures and meet the increase in service expectations.

HEIs are leveraging RPA as a technological solution for cost savings, gains in efficiency, and to improve service delivery.

Innovating the Public Sector with RPA

The public sector is evolving, agencies and public organizations can use RPA to kick-start a digital revolution that can integrate legacy systems and can enhance the public servant's experience.

Leveraging RPA to automate and enhance processes and services helps public servants reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks and allows them to focus on providing better service to citizens.

Innovating the Healthcare Industry with RPA

The Healthcare industry is evolving, primary care workers often need to dedicate several hours a day to admin work such as data entry and manipulating multiple health IT systems, doing mundane, repetitive tasks and taking away valuable time from patient care.

Leveraging RPA to automate and enhance processes and services helps healthcare staff reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks and allows them to focus on patient care.

Enhancing Healthcare's COVID19 Recovery with RPA

As executives begin to plan for the recovery phase post-Covid19. Many are seeing the value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a key driver for business continuity, speed up the adoption of new operational standards, augment healthcare worker capacity, predict trends based on real-time data, and generating a fast-financial recovery.

Innovating the Manufacturing Industry with RPA

In order to juggle labor and time-intensive business processes such as customer communication, procurement, inventory management, and payment processing while maintaining cost reduction and innovative business practices. Many manufacturing companies are turning to RPA to attain improved agility and more streamlined operations across the value chain. 

Governing your virtual workforce

In this white paper, we describe the current information security concerns around the deployment of a digital workforce, and how to build a safe environment and keeping it from going overboard with suggestions for installing a solid governance program to protect data in Dev, UAT, and Production environments, and monitor activities to ensure that RPA adoption is successful. 

How Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare Organizations are Leveraging RPA

RPA has been emerging in top industries in the last few years, with results that have substantially improved business performance and countered inefficiency across business functions. Due to the major cost reduction pressures in industries like banking and insurance, they are well suited to be early adopters in the RPA revolution. Download our white paper now to learn how RPA can make an impact in banking, insurance, and healthcare companies. 



In this interactive eBook, we showcase different RPA process heatmaps across key areas in the Public sector, including Government Administration, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Public Safety, and more. See which processes have the highest potential for automation, including common processes like Licensing and Permitting, Building and Bridge Inspections, and more.

Hyperautomation in Human Resources

In this interactive eBook, we showcase different RPA process heatmaps across key areas of the Human Resources business unit. See which processes have the highest potential for automation, including common processes like Manage Employee Movements, Reporting, Payroll, Offboarding, and more. 

Hyperautomation in Supply Chain Management

In this interactive eBook, we showcase different RPA process heatmaps across key areas of the Supply Chain Management business unit. See which processes have the highest potential for automation, including common processes like Sales Forecasting, Purchase Order Management, and more.

RPA: The Emerging Technology Driving the Future of Work

In this ebook, you will learn what RPA is, what it can do, its benefits, and how it is changing how we do work across industries. See how automation is transforming today's workplace, how robots can take over mundane tasks to elevate employees to higher-value activities, and how RPA can fit into multiple industries and job functions.

The Essential Guide to Process Mining

In this essential guide, you will discover everything you need to know about what, why, and how process mining sets you up for a fully automated enterprise. See how process mining applications tap into data you already have to help you boost business productivity, generate savings, and increase competitiveness.

Hyperautomation in IT Operations

In this interactive eBook we showcase different RPA process heatmaps across key areas of the IT business unit. See which processes have the highest potential for automation, including common processes in application management, IT procurement, security, IT infrastructure, service management, end user computing, and more.

Hyperautomation in Finance and Accounting

In this eBook we showcase different RPA process heatmaps across different areas of the Finance and Accounting business unit. See which processes have the highest potential for automation, from customer onboarding and invoicing, to cash application, to logistics management, to invoice processing, to payments processing.

RPA Process Heatmaps

In this eBook we showcase different RPA process heatmaps across different industries and business units. See which processes have the highest potential for automation in finance and accounting, Human Resources, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Government, and many more.


In this eBook you will find what is Hyperautomation, the holistic automation framework, a detailed description of the key components and benefits. An understanding of what is intelligent automation, an in-depth look at each and every step of the hyperautomation journey, and finally we'll describe how to unlock the full potential of hyperautomation.

The ABCs of RPA implementation

In this ebook, we describe the common challenges RPA adopters face during their implementation journey, and the main steps involved in preparing a robust plan to design and develop your RPA initiatives. 


Start and Immersive RPA Experience

Whether you are brand new to RPA or you're ramping up your automation efforts, this interactive page will guide you and provide insights into the different steps you'll encounter when navigating your RPA journey.

Rapid ROI Calculator for RPA in Contact Centers

Calculate the ROI of your contact center Automation with RPA. Organizations striving to deliver quality customer service are modernizing their contact centers and call centers to ensure satisfactory customer experiences in the digital era.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be leveraged to speed up the interaction with the client, provide a more thorough response, decrease the amount of human labor required to field incoming inquiries, and increase customer satisfaction through reduction in human error.


Automation Operating Model

The Automation Operating Model (AOM) establishes the interaction criteria and role descriptions, ensuring that all participants are aware of the processes and expectations.
The essential components of the AOM, key drivers, landscape, maturity scale, and how it connects to the RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) are all covered in this infographic.

Oracle Cloud Migration meets RPA

In this infographic, you'll find the main use cases for using RPA in your Oracle Cloud migration projects, but for the full picture of how RPA can automate Oracle related processes, download our in-depth white paper here

The Path to Citizen Development

Democratize automation to scale to a fully automated enterprise. A citizen development program plays a pivotal role in scaling the automation adoption across the enterprise.

It allows the organization to enable non-technical users to identify automation opportunities and develop simple automations that can then be passed on to the CoE for advanced development if needed.

Navigating the RPA Journey

Whether you’re just getting started with RPA or you’re ramping up your existing automations, understanding where you are will make it easier to reach where you want to be next, and achieve a full-scale RPA implementation.

Find in this infographic, the key phases to navigate through in a typical RPA implementation journey.

RPA Team Structure & CoE

Behind every organization's successful RPA program, there is an A-team that supported each step of its journey.

Either you're building a Robotic Process Automation team in-house to complement your external RPA service partner or to cater independently to all RPA operations, its key to understand the roles and responsibilities of key resources in a winning RPA team.

RPA Process Selection

Selecting the right business processes to automate with RPA is a key step to a successful proof of concept or ramp up project.

Find in this infographic, the characteristics that your processes should have to be a good RPA candidate, as well as a step by step visual guide on the process selection journey.

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