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Transforming Customer Experience with Contact Center Automation

Learn how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be leveraged to speed up the interaction with the client, provide a more thorough response, decrease the amount of human labor required to field incoming inquiries, and increase customer satisfaction through reduction in human error.

The Hyperautomation Webinar Series

In this webinar series, we will host exclusive presentations with practical tips, automation best practices, lessons learned from real customer stories, technical insights and much more.

Learn from top RPA & hyperautomation experts on how to boost your digital transformation with automation and how get the most value out of your technology investments.

Roundtable: Best practices and lessons learned from world-class automation masterminds

Learn from our automation masterminds the key lessons learned from their collective experiences in working with different RPA initiatives and the best practices they gathered to help you design a successful path towards enterprise hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation and the RPA Renaissance

Learn how hyperautomation is driving the RPA renaissance, go beyond automation by integrating complementary technologies to the RPA tool-belt such as process mining, analytics, ingestion engines (OCR, Computer Vision, etc), and machine learning to create a comprehensive approach to amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of work automation.

Best Practices for RPA Governance, Infrastructure & Architectural Strategy

Every RPA initiative requires governance, infrastructure, and architectural strategy. These three components are fundamental to enable end-to-end intelligent automation throughout the enterprise.

Listen to experts, their lessons learned, and the best practices they have put in place to successfully go from pilot to a full-scale RPA implementation.

Rebooting Public Services with Robotic Process Automation

During the COVID19, crisis RPPA has become a key technology to help Government institutions reboot citizen services amid a shortage of resources and workforce capacity caused by the pandemic.

Additionally, public agencies have realized that by implementing automation they can inject agility in requests processing and improve customer experience.

A Robot for Every Person: Empowering Workers with Robot Assistants

Learn how organizations can empower their people to work smarter with software robots, how to create digital helpers to support workers on the time-consuming and low-value tasks, and set your organization up for the modern workplace where every employee can use, create, and benefit from automation.

How to Marry RPA and Artificial Intelligence to Drive World Class Automation

Danilo McGarry, advisor to the EU commission of AI Alliance and long time Automation thought leader will join our panelists to explain what exactly is AI, what are AI-powered technologies that can complement RPA, what are the most common use cases you can implement AI-powered automations, and the key lessons learned from their collective experiences to help the audience create the best path towards hyperautomation. 

RPA Demo for the Public Sector Webinar Series

UiPath and JOLT joined forces in this three-part Robotic Process Automation demonstration series.

Government’s across the United States have to start looking beyond the COVID pandemic quarantine. The economy must be restarted, and government agencies at every level have to return to full strength.

To accelerate your way out of this crisis, these demonstrations will spend around thirty-minutes to review RPA and its value proposition then spend an hour discussing and demonstrating the new additions to the UiPath RPA hyperautomation platform.

Studio and StudioX: From Citizen Developer Through RPA Developer, Studio is Your Tool

Grasp how the US Government has adopted RPA to augment operational efficiency and higher satisfaction in citizen services.

You will learn about UiPath Studio and StudioX, the leading automation design canvases, and which is the best fit for your needs. The webinar will include a live Demo of both solutions as well.

Process Mining: Design Your Robots With Scientific Precision So They Are Right The First Time

Learn all about UiPath's Process Mining and Task Mining tools. Unique tools designed to provide a holistic view of every process within your organization, spot bottlenecks in workflows, make data-driven decisions, and align your automation strategy with your organization's KPIs.

Automation Hub: Accelerate Your Ideas Into Production Bots Faster And Smarter

Learn about the use of RPA in the public sector and get a deep dive into UiPath's Automation Hub. A unique tool designed to centralize the management of your organization's automation pipeline, scale up your RPA strategy with the power of crowdsourcing, create a reusable repository of automation components, and map out your road to ROI.

Migrating to Oracle Cloud with Intelligent Automation

Cloud migration can be a daunting task and organizations are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help with their ERP migration initiatives.

By leveraging RPA, low-cost ERP data migration, data validation, integration, and customization projects are now possible. 

Using RPA to Accelerate the Healthcare Industry's Financial Recovery Post-COVID19

As executives begin to plan for the recovery phase post-Covid19. Many are seeing the value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a key driver for business continuity and a fast financial recovery. 

This is a follow-up webinar to our 'Using RPA to Solve COVID19 Disruptions in the Healthcare Industry' webinar delivered on Tuesday, May 12th 2020. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.

Using RPA to Solve COVID19 Disruptions in the Healthcare Industry

As the COVID19 pandemic keeps sweeping across the world, the healthcare industry is taking one of the hardest blows and experiencing unprecedented disruptions to its operations.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions have been able to find relief with technology, using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to alleviate the burden in their healthcare and administrative workforce and keep essential workers focused on critical patient care.

Maximizing the Value of RPA with Process Mining & Optimization

In this webinar, we will talk about the importance of process intelligence to enable continuous process improvement and how it relates to creating a robust automation pipeline with maximized ROI for your RPA program. We will also demonstrate how ABBYY Timeline can enable 100% operational data visualization and analysis of even the most complex and ad-hoc processes.

How to Leverage RPA to Speed Up Pandemic Responses

In this webinar, we've partnered with UiPath and Carahsoft to offer a glimpse of how RPA can be used to help navigate the disruptions we are facing in today's public health crisis, including relevant use cases around citizen service and step by step guidance on how to build a COVID-19 bot to deliver key, reliable information to you daily.

Preparing For The New Digital Workplace: How is RPA Disrupting the Public Sector 

Armed with an #AutomationFirst mindset, government agencies are already preparing for the integration of digital employees in the workplace. Life-long learners have a great opportunity to continue learning the skills and techniques needed to maximize their subject matter expertise. 

Learn in this webinar how are government agencies leveraging RPA and how you can register for a free and hands-on workshop in Washington D.C.

The Robots Are Here! Say Goodbye to Mundane Manual Data Entry In Oracle Apps

Format: Webinar OnDemand Duration: 1-hour

This webinar will explain the key features and benefits of RPA, how it can interact with Oracle Apps including EBS, PeopleSoft and Cloud, and what are the main use cases you can consider trying (including processes in Finance & Accounting, HR, IT operations, Procurement, Legal & compliance, etc), along with how it can enable easier testing automation, data integration and more.

From Pilot To Full Scale RPA Implementation: The Raymond James' Success Story

Format: OnDemand Webinar Duration: 1-hour

In this webinar, learn how global financial services company Raymond James went from PoC to full-scale RPA implementation, hear the story of their transformational journey with RPA, benchmark the successful ramp-up and a sustained roll-out of one of the most successful automation programs and learn the best practices of RPA deployment, from start to finish. 

The Robots Have Arrived, Are You Taking Advantage?

Format: Webinar OnDemand Duration: 1-hour

Join us in this fan-favorite session run by Quest Oracle User Group Community, to learn how to go from education to Proof of Concept (PoC) to gain traction and buy-in from key stakeholders for a large scale RPA implementation.

How RPA Is Transforming Healthcare Efficiency

In this webinar, we demonstrate the multiple ways healthcare providers can leverage RPA to become more competitive, by injecting operational agility to administrative processes, maximize data accuracy and protection, drive cost reductions and boost patient satisfaction to enable continuous growth. 

Supercharge Oracle with Robotic Process Automation To Skyrocket Digital Transformation Results

In this webinar, Oracle's Director of Product Strategy for Process Cloud Service (CPS) and Business Process Management (BPM), Eduardo Chiocconi, will demonstrate alongside UiPath's technology alliance director Wynn Johnson, the multiple ways Oracle customers can leverage UiPath to drive business agility, breakthrough legacy complexity, enable scalable digital operations, and pave the way to AI.

How To Streamline RPA With Process Discovery & Optimization

In this webinar, we will address the best practices for RPA process discovery, selection, optimization and bot translation for better automation results, along with a live demo of our partner OpenConnect's automation process discovery solutions.

The Robots Have Arrived, Are You Taking Advantage?

In 2018, RPA was the #1 investment focus for organization leaders to achieve operational cost-saving goals, with RPA and AI at the core of the post-modern ERP strategy, eclipsing Cloud. 

In this webinar, we will help you understand the real-life Robotic Process Automation (RPA) facts, challenges, and benefits, and clear the common misconceptions that can slow down progress and hold back on potential growth in your organization.


In-person events suspended

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we have suspended all of our in-person events and participation in conferences until further notice. We will continue to engage with our audience via online events, please stay tuned for more upcoming webinars.

RPA Workshops

Join us and the UiPath SLED team at a full day of RPA training designed for government agencies workers, including state, local and education institutions. 

Attendees will develop a complex automation using multiple applications, including UiPath’s Studio X and its enterprise tool Studio. This session is perfect for previous Academy Live attendees, UiPath Academy students, and individuals who have started developing automations using UiPath.

Register below:

Baltimore - Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Richmond - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Raleigh - Thursday, March 26, 2020

Beers N Bots - Charlotte, NC

Join us for a great opportunity to socialize RPA concepts and best practices with peers and experts in their digital transformation journey over drinks in one of the most exquisite lounges in Charlotte, NC. 

Advanced RPA workshop in Washington D.C.

Join the UiPath Federal team and JOLT Advantage Group [a UiPath certified training partner] at an invitation-only session of Advanced Academy Live training. Advanced Academy Live is a new opportunity being offered in the Washington D.C. area. This full day of training is designed specifically for government employees building robotic process automations as well as those developing them for their agency. Private sector integrators will gain insight on how to accelerate the development time of complex robotic process automations.

Attendees will develop a complex automation using multiple applications, including UiPath’s Studio X and its enterprise tool Studio. This session is perfect for previous Academy Live attendees, UiPath Academy students, and individuals who have started developing automations using UiPath.

Meet us at Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Heading to Oracle Open World 2019 next week? If so, meet us September 16-19th at our partner UiPath's booth #623 to learn how their leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform can maximize your operational efficiency in Oracle applications.

Take Home a Robot Workshop

Our ‘take home a robot’ workshop is designed to allow business & IT leaders experience first-hand this year's #1 technology investment focus for enterprise buyers: Robotic Process Automation, and understand it's wide applicability across different industries, business units and functions. 

Our workshop roadshow will be visiting major cities across the US. Each workshop is hosted in a high-end hotel near your area. Lunch will be provided, and the workshop will conclude in a Happy Hour reception so you can network and share your experience with like-minded individuals.

The workshop registration is free. Seats are limited, reserve your spot today!

HIUG Interact 2019

The Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) Interact conference will offer a plethora of educational sessions and activities for Healthcare Providers to advance their knowledge in new ways to leverage their Oracle investments. 

This year, JOLT presented sessions focused on how HCP can leverage Robotic Process Automation to automate health IT and Oracle related processes.

We also hosted hands-on workshop to teach participants the key concepts and applicability of RPA plus breakout sessions to develop their own robot to automate the Payment request process in PeopleSoft which they can take home with them.

SIM South Florida

We are proud to announce that our chief automation officer, Jorge Rincon will be a panelist in the 'Digital Transformation Dinner' event hosted by the Society for Information Management (SIM) South Florida Chapter. 

This event will focus on "Robotic Process Automation with a side of Machine Learning". It will provide a dinner buffet, an RPA and ML presentation plus a panel discussion. If you're interested in attending please click to register at their site. 

Collaborate 2019

This years' Oracle Applications Users Group conference in San Antonio, TX. we presented multiple sessions around Robotic Process Automation, Process-to-Pay, and Change Management. 

We also hosted an educational workshop in an interactive format to allow participants to learn about RPA hands-on.


Check out our Collaborate19 page to download all the presentations our experts delivered at Collaborate's educational sessions and workshop.


Stay tuned of our local meetups in Tampa and Orlando by joining our Meetup Group! 

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