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In 2018, RPA was the #1 investment focus for organization leaders to achieve operational cost-saving goals, with RPA and AI at the core of the post-modern ERP strategy, eclipsing Cloud. 

In this webinar, we will help you understand the real-life Robotic Process Automation (RPA) facts, challenges, and benefits, and clear the common misconceptions that can slow down progress and hold back on potential growth in your organization.

How To Drive Oracle End user Adoption & Maximize Your ROI with Whatfix

In this webinar, we joined hands with Whatfix to discuss the various strategies to resolve the Oracle UPK transition challenges, solutions, and Demo their Digital Guidance platform.

Fear Not! There is Life After UPK!

In this webinar, we presented the current UPK landscape, provided an overview and demo'd other platforms as well as show how easy it is to migrate your existing UPK assets. The platforms presented will allow you to maintain all of the things that UPK did as well, while adding additional features with less IT involvement!

Making the Transition from UPK

The end of premier support for Oracle UPK v12.1 will be on April, 2019. Our experts address the current UPK situation, the concerns regarding the transition, and the different options on the table for replacing the UPK platform, and how to migrate the content created on UPK. 

Got UPK? Now What??

In this webinar, we presented the current situation of Oracle UPK, and lay out the multiple options the users have to either continue using UPK without product support or upgrades, or transition to a different platform. We featured the ANCILE uPerform as the platform that can be an alternative to replace Oracle UPK.


OAUG Collaborate 2019

April 7th-11th, 2019

Join us at this years' Oracle Applications Users Group conference in San Antonio, TX. Where we will be presenting multiple sessions involving Robotic Process Automation, Process-to-Pay, and Change Management topics to name a few. 

Find our experts at our booth #1029 

Take Home a Robot Workshop

Digital business transformation is a leading initiative among CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs across all verticals.  90% of respondents in a recent Forrester survey cite digital transformation as a top priority, but only 19% show progress within that journey. 

Our ‘take home a robot’ workshop is designed to allow leaders in both IT and business functions to learn the basics of RPA, understand the broad spectrum of RPA’s applicability, regardless of process, function or vertical. We aim to also bring the concept outside of your work environments by showing you how to leverage this enterprise technology using UiPath Go’s pre-built components that include pre-scripted, useful robots that can be downloaded and tailored to work as "digital personal assistants", they will help remove the chore of daily routine tasks and ultimately improve your overall quality of life both at work and at home.


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