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Format: Webcast OnDemand

Duration: 1-hour

Robotic Process Automation has proven to be one the main drivers of digital transformation across organizations, helping businesses maximize productivity and strive in competitive markets.

However, many RPA adopters still struggle to meet expectations and scale their automation footprint. Among the main challenges are failure to select the right business process candidates for automation and/or automating broken processes without redesigning and optimizing them first.

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Chris Thilburg
Partner, JOLT Advantage Group

Chris has 8+ years of experience in implementing, upgrading, and supporting various enterprise applications. He is a change management and organizational readiness expert.

RPA Evangelist - UiPath Certified

Jeremy Gilliland
Chief Automation Officer, JOLT Advantage Group
Jeremy is a well-recognized innovator within the RPA community. He has managed 60+ RPA deployments and helped to deliver over $50 million in savings to the organizations he’s supported using UiPath, Automation Anywhere & BluePrism.
Michael Cupps
SVP, OpenConnect
Michael has 20+ years in the Tech sector. He is an expert in operational efficiency through analytics and robotics and a specialist in content management, and business process management.

In this webinar...

We will address the best practices for RPA process discovery, selection, optimization and bot translation for better automation results, along with a live demo of our partner OpenConnect's automation process discovery solutions.

To shorten the path to RPA, organizations need to have a clear process discovery strategy to identify automation opportunities, analyze productivity gaps, and optimize human driven business processes to maximize automation suitability.

With the appropriate process discovery and optimization approach, organizations can ensure a streamlined planning and implementation of RPA across the enterprise. 

Webinar Agenda
  • Introduction to RPA 
  • Main barriers to scale in RPA
  • Best practices for RPA process selection
  • Identifying productivity gaps and automation opportunities
  • How can process discovery and documentation help ensure automation success
  • Automating RPA process discovery - case studies
  • Live Demo of DiscoverIQ 
  • Process optimization and Bot translation strategy
  • Live Q&A