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Automated Prior Authorization for Healthcare providers with RPA

See how an RPA​​ robot can automate a common business process such as prior authorization validation for #healthcare​ providers, this demo is based on the validation of prior authorization requirements, but there are many other use cases around healthcare that automation can be used for, including patient enrollment, scheduling, benefits verification, EMR, medical coding, etc.

Meet JOLT's Operations Ecosystem

Meet the teams that makeup JOLT Operations. Each and every one of our team members contributes to critical parts of our client delivery and internal operations success. We are so proud of the work they do!

ASRPA - Help your robots be successful with RPA Managed Services

Everyday innocent automation goes unmonitored, unsupported, and underutilized. And they are crying out for your help.

Join JOLT Managed Services and help rescue your RPA from their errors and exceptions, give your RPA impact, efficiency, scalability, and ROI for just $1600/month.

UiPath Studio and StudioX Demo

John May, Automation Lead at JOLT presents a demo of UiPath Studio and StudioX. The leading automation design canvases, learn about UiPath Studio, the most adopted automation tool in the industry, and UiPath StudioX, a tool that gives process owners a no-code tool to build automations, while organizations get the governance they need.

UiPath Process Mining Demo

Christiaan Esmeijer, VP of Customer Success at UiPath, does a demo of UiPath Process Mining. A unique tool designed to provide a holistic view of every process within your organization, spot bottlenecks in workflows, make data-driven decisions, and align your automation strategy with your organization's KPIs.

UiPath Automation Hub Demo

Brett Fraser, SVP of Operations at JOLT, does a demo of UiPath Automation Hub. A unique tool designed to centralize the management of your organization's automation pipeline, scale up your RPA strategy with the power of crowdsourcing, create a reusable repository of automation components, and map out your road to ROI.

Hyperautomation and the RPA Renaissance

Hyperautomation has been named as the #1 trend on Gartner’s list of  Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. Which makes it a key strategy for IT and business leaders working in their organizations' digital transformation initiatives.

Learn about the 4 key components of hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence Capabilities, Advanced Process Mining  Tools, Workforce Engagement, and Advanced Analytics. Get to know why this trend is driving the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) renaissance.

How Does Automation Help In Times Of Crisis

While the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy is taking massive blows. Organizations across a wide range of industries are having to adjust to a new reality full of challenges to their ability to function.  

Learn how automation technologies like RPA are solving business and social problems helping people and companies navigate today's public health and economic crisis.

Take Home a Robot Workshop

Our ‘take home a robot’ workshop is designed to allow business & IT leaders experience first-hand this year's #1 technology investment focus for enterprise buyers: Robotic Process Automation, and understand it's wide applicability across different industries, business units and functions.

Automating Procure to Pay processes with RPA - Demo

Learn in this Demo video how you can leverage UiPath to automate P2P transactions in ERP systems, in this case, Peoplesoft. 

What is RPA and how can JOLT help

With RPA, organizations can deploy software robots to perform highly manual and repetitive tasks. Attaining a superior operational efficiency, optimized quality, lower operating costs, better customer experience, higher employee satisfaction, standardized regulatory compliance, and many other benefits that can be harvested almost immediately after implementation.

At JOLT Advantage Group, we work with the brightest and most experienced RPA specialists certified in industry-leading platforms to provide to our customers purpose-built solutions from a wide range of robotic and intelligent process automation services to help them realize the full value of process automation and workforce digitalization.

UPK Record It! - Overview and Demonstration

Learn more about how easy it is to put the power of UPK in the hands of the people who possess your application knowledge using the UPK Record It! tool. This tool requires little to no training to use and does not require any additional licensing

Using Oracle UPK for IT Implementation Projects

Oracle’s User productivity kit, better known as UPK is a Single-source content development platform that provides business values to organizations throughout the entire project lifecycle.

ANCILE uPerform Overview and Demo

Learn about ANCILE uPerform, a tool that easily and quickly captures or documents knowledge, and distributes content to employees at the point of need, in the right language and in the right format. In this video, see an overview and demonstration of the ANCILE uPerform platform's key features.

Epilogue OPUS - Basic Component Tour

Learn about Epilogue OPUS, a SAAS based training, and performance support tool. In this video, see a basic tour on OPUS basic components.

Epilogue OPUS - Overview

Epiloque OPUS is a tool that allows organizations to document applications quickly, easily and broadly and deliver a wide range of documentation and performance support from the cloud. In this video, see an overview of the Epilogue Opus learning and adoption platform.

Epilogue OPUS - Administration 

In this video, see an overview of some of the administration functionality available within the Epilogue Opus learning and support platform.

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