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Automating duplicate INVOICE Review with RPA

Region: USA

Industry: Utilities

Client Overview

The client is a publicly-traded utility company and one of the largest natural gas utilities providers in the United States. 

Process Type

Duplicate invoice review

One of the largest natural gas providers in the US needed to deploy RPA to optimize its highly manual processes and elevate the type of work their valued employees are doing.

JOLT deployed UiPath robots and developed an automation workflow that performs the process 800% faster. Additionally, our JOLT experts provided client's team training on RPA, enabling them to extend their internal capability set and build new automations in the future.

The client organization is a major natural gas utility in the United States. In 2014, the company was established with the aim of working in a safe, effective, and environmentally sustainable manner. They currently represent over 2 million customers in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas, and provide natural gas distribution services to residential, commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and wholesale customers in the three states. It is the largest natural gas supplier in Oklahoma and Kansas, and the third-largest in Texas, in terms of customer count.

For such a large company serving over 2 million clients, their processes must be highly efficient. With hundreds of incoming invoices per week, manually assessing invoices is a daunting task for any business today. They selected JOLT as their implementation partner for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to help them automate multiple highly manual and time-consuming tasks.

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Automating Invoice Duplicate Review

Our client was running a duplicate invoice review process three times per day making sure there are no duplicates in the analytics system, this process required having 3 to 4 experienced business users spending 2 to 4 hours each to pull data from emails and 25 different input files into their Daily Balancing Spreadsheet. A process that took even longer on Mondays, as they needed to input the data from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday into the Daily Spreadsheet. This whole process was heavily manual and time-consuming with also a high risk for human errors.

Employees who rushed to process invoices are more likely to make mistakes, and miscommunication among staff may lead to duplicate entries as well. Duplicate invoices entail a risk for financial loss. When duplicate invoices are not identified and corrected in time, it will result in a duplicate payment. Duplicate invoice management helps to prevent significant revenue leakage from accumulated incidents.


JOLT helped to implement UiPath as their RPA platform and created multiple automation to make their processes more efficient, the duplicate invoice reviewer robot currently runs three times a day, at the same time as human users would do. The robots will complete this task in five minutes instead of 45 minutes (per user), making it a process that now runs 800% faster. JOLT also offered RPA training to help enable the client's internal know-how to develop new automations and continue to expand their RPA program as they identify new areas for automation. 

We are very happy with JOLT and plan to maintain a strong partnership to continue to scale our automation initiatives.


The process's productivity went from 120 hours of manual work per month to just 5 hours per month, cutting 115 hours of manual work monthly and giving back up to 31,476 man-hours annually.


Rather than seeing team members spending time repetitively conducting manual analysis on duplicated invoicing in a tedious way, the client was able to reallocate time from their valued team to concentrate on higher-value work, freeing up time for strategic initiatives based on market innovation rather than mundane tasks.


31,400 hours

The organization is estimated to yield savings of more than 31,400 man-hours per year by automating their Duplicate Invoice Review.


Deploying RPA to their Duplicate Invoice Review process will result in estimated savings of up to $944,280 per year.

*projected savings based on a $30/hr wage

What comes next?


JOLT continues to solution additional automation processes that add value to the client's business, providing support of the automations in production from our Robotic Operations Center, while at the same time, continuing to assess more process candidates for automation.


To learn more about how RPA and JOLT can help your business start its digital transformation journey contact us for an assessment call.

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