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UiPath & JOLT

Become a Fully Automated Enterprise

The most powerful Enterprise RPA Platform

Learn why UiPath was named the leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation:

Download Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software 2021 report


Let our team of UiPath certified automation experts maximize your RPA technology investment with our purpose-built solutions:

Download Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software 2021 report



UiPath Consulting

Our UiPath certified experts will work with you to determine the appropriate use cases and develop an overall strategy for the UiPath platform.

Our 360° UiPath consulting services have you covered from process definition and optimization for automation through establishing governance necessary to manage your digital and human workforce.


UiPath Implementation

Our team has a deep background in software engineering going back to the infancy of RPA and has developed large-scale programs from scratch that have saved customers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Using this experience, we are able to design, develop and deliver attended and unattended bots plus manage the orchestration of the digital workforce to meet any demand.


Managed Services

Organizations needing Center of Excellence (CoE) governance, ongoing development assistance, monitoring, maintenance, analytics, or ongoing training and support to meet the enterprise’s demands for automation, can rely on our team.

Partner of the Year

JOLT was recognized as UiPath's Global Partner of the Year 2019 with the 'Innovating RPA Award'

JOLT Wins UiPath Global Partner of the Year 2019 Award for Innovating RPA
Democratizing RPA
Driving Customer Outcomes
Supporting the Path to AI


JOLT had the honor of being one of the first global partners to be named a UiPath Certified Professional Services Partner, part of the new UiPath Services Network (USN); An elite network of service delivery partners accredited with advanced delivery skills on par with the UiPath Professional Services team. 

The USN program validates partners with a proven track record of delivering successful RPA programs with a professional services team comprised of highly skilled, certified UiPath resources specialized in RPA Development, Infrastructure, Architecture, and Business Process Analysis.

Read our Press Release here.

Why UiPath?


Easy to Implement


Fastest ROI


Scalable Automation


AI & Cognitive Driven


Largest Ecosystem


Defense Grade Security


The Industry-leading Hyperautomation Platform



Discover your automation opportunities, powered by AI

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Democratize the design of workflows, from the simple to the complex

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Deploy and manage your automations

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Robots work with your business applications to carry out automations

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A system of engagement for humans and robots to work together

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Embedded analytics to align RPA operations with strategic business outcomes

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compass (1) DISCOVERY

Automation Hub

Capture your team’s ideas for processes to automate. Then manage the entire process from a single command center.

Here, automation experts can collaborate with anyone in your organization to manage the automation lifecycle with visibility and control — and a little bit of fun.

Task Mining

Leverage real employee process data to get the scientific automation suggestions.

Utilize AI to automatically capture the day-to-day tasks performed by your employees, construct the scientific process maps and get automation suggestions with the highest ROI potential.

UiPath Task Capture

Document a process just by hitting "Record"

Task Capture tags along as you move through one of your employees' work process you’d like to automate, taking screenshots and gathering data for each step. Then, Task Capture pulls everything together into a Process Definition Document (PDD) or XAML file—ready for development teams to start automating.

UiPath Process Mining

An X-Ray view of all your processes so you can scale your RPA

Use data from your organization's business applications - like ERP and CRM - to get an in-depth understanding of your organization's processes. You'll know what to automate and how to do it best—and prove impact afterward.

blocks BUILD

UiPath Studio

The Leading design Automation Canvas

UiPath Studio is an advanced automation software that gives everyone at your organization, from business users to advanced RPA developers, the best automation canvas to build great software robots and it gives your organization the right governance tools to manage them all.

UiPath Studio X

The tool to build your own automations for everyday tasks

With UiPath StudioX, process owners in your organization get a no-code tool to build automations. Enterprises get the governance they need. And lots more robots are around to do the mundane, repetitive, boring parts of work.

UiPath studio PRO

Unlock testing capabilities for advanced RPA developers

Code C# projects, build test cases for RPA, and test automation for web, desktop, and mobile apps.

work-process (1) MANAGE


Efficiently manage your Digital Workforce of globally deployed robots from a single central location.

Orchestrator is available on the web, server, and as a mobile app, so you can control automation on the go.


AI Fabric connects RPA and data science teams so you can instantly apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to your automation.

AI Fabric helps you operationalize and consume your machine learning models right from your RPA workflow. You can deploy and manage your AI skills, then drag and drop them right into your RPA workflow in UiPath Studio.

UiPath Automation Cloud

Start right away, scale infinitely, and UiPath will handle the infrastructure

With UiPath Automation Cloud your organization can get started in its journey towards hyperautomation right away, grow based on your needs, and save your enterprise of the expense and complexity of managing its own infrastructure.

UiPath Test Suite

This is what gets you Strong and Resilient robots and applications

UiPath Test Suite enables your organization to automate and centralize testing to ensure the quality of every application and automation before they go live.

ai-1 RUN

Attended Robots

A Robot for Every Person

Deploy attended robots that act as digital assistants to your employees; they're hosted on each worker's desktop and focus on carrying out small tasks under the humans' direct supervision, increasing the productivity of thousands of employees.

Unattended Robots

The 24/7 Workforce

Leverage unattended robots that work independently with little to no human intervention. Usually, unattended robots work on large and complex tasks for business units or departments. These guys can work independently 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, non-stop, at full capacity on one or more complex processes.

And unlike attended robots, unattended robots live on Virtual Machines (VMs), servers, or the Cloud.

AI Robots

Intelligent Automation for your organization

Infuse your robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. Enable your robots to do more, teaching them to read and understand different types of documents, having intelligent dialogues with people, and interacting with dynamic interfaces as a human would.

Testing Robots

Automate the testing of your robots

Leverage the power of RPA to test your robots, debug in a rapid way and ensure high quality and efficient automations across your organization.

robot-2 ENGAGE

Action Center

This is the place where your robots check in with you

When an automation includes humans in the loop for important decisions - like approvals, escalations, and exclusions - the UiPath Action Center makes it easy and efficient to hand off the process from robot to human. And back again.


Let's get to talking with your robots

With UiPath's chatbot capabilities your customers and employees can now trigger robots to do many things (like checking order status or posting data in your CRM) through chatbots, social messaging apps, or even voice. In plain language.

UiPath Apps

The industry’s first Robot-Powered Low-Code App Platform

UiPath Apps includes a low-code app builder called App Studio. This builder lets you build visually appealing professional apps quickly using only a web browser through a rich library of drag and drop controls. UiPath Apps also harness the power of RPA which means it supports APIs but also allows you to work with existing applications and data that are not easily programmable.

bar-graph (1) MEASURE


Powerful, embedded analytics that provide end-to-end visibility over your deployment, and enable you to measure, report and align automations with customizable KPIs.

As a result, you can ensure your automated processes are aligned with your organizational success metrics.

Industry Leaders in Cognitive and Analytical Capabilities



‘RPA Technology Leader’ & ‘Star Performer’ “2019 RPA - Technology Vendor Landscape"



‘RPA industry leader’ Forrester Wave™ Robotic Process Automation, Q4 2019



‘Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation software 2020"



‘Best Application in RPA’ Alconics awards 2018

UiPath is built with a flexible architecture to allow tight and scalable integration of cognitive capabilities from Google, Microsoft, IBM & ABBYY cognitive and OCR services. This is intelligent automation, delivering: language detection, the extraction of unstructured data, and sentiment analysis. Robots learn in real time. They understand language meaning and emotion and use it for complex decision-making.

Insight builds foresight, the golden ticket to better and smarter business decisions. Know at all times how your enterprise is performing and derive opportunities for improved efficiency, strategically. Every action every robot performs, every user decision and change are tracked in real time and logged centrally on the server to provide full visibility into process execution and operational statistics.

UiPath brings the power of ElasticSearch monitoring technology and a highly customizable, out of the box solution for data visualization from Kibana. Personalized visual dashboards are adapted for each operational requirement.

Request a FREE Enterprise UiPath Trial

Request to download the UiPath platform and obtain a free license for the use of the software for 60 days.

With the downloaded software, you will be able to view and test all UiPath functions in an unrestricted fashion. Don't forget to ask us about the discounted licensing rates that we can offer to our customers thanks to our exclusive partnership with UiPath.

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