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Format: Webinar OnDemand 

Duration: 1-hour

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has proven to be one of the main drivers of digital transformation across organizations, helping businesses maximize productivity and strive in competitive markets. It enables a fully integrated enterprise software ecosystem, automating transactions across your ERP, CRM, CMS, BPM, as well as other cloud and legacy systems that comprise your overall enterprise technology stack.

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Eduardo Chiocconi
Director of Product Strategy, Oracle
Eduardo is the director of product strategy for Oracle Integration (OIC) and Business Process Management (BPM), he supports the definition of product roadmap & strategy for these products in connection with the broader Oracle Middleware portfolio both on-premise and on the cloud.
Wynn Johnson
Technology Alliance Director, UiPath
Wynn is UiPath's strategic technology alliance director with deep knowledge in ERP, Cloud - IaaS/SaaS/PaaS. He works close with Oracle to help UiPath customers leverage RPA to elevate their return of investment in Oracle solutions.
Jeremy Gilliland
Chief Automation Officer, JOLT
Jeremy is a well-recognized innovator within the RPA community. He has managed 60+ RPA deployments and helped to deliver over $50 million in savings to the organizations he’s supported using UiPath, Automation Anywhere & BluePrism.

In this webinar...

Oracle's Director of Product Strategy for Process Cloud Service (CPS) and Business Process Management (BPM), Eduardo Chiocconi, will demonstrate alongside UiPath's technology alliance director Wynn Johnson, the multiple ways Oracle customers can leverage UiPath to drive business agility, breakthrough legacy complexity, enable scalable digital operations, and pave the way to AI.

With the UiPath Oracle Edition, you can design, manage and scale your digital workforce by orchestrating human and robotic interactions with end-to-end visibility and 100% accuracy. By combining the powers of Oracle’s Cloud Platform for Integration and Automation with UiPath's pioneering computer vision technology, organizations can automate mundane and repetitive business processes becomes seamless. This allows for an efficient redistribution of your company's resources to achieve growth.

Webinar Agenda
  • How to leverage RPA to supercharge your operational efficiency
  • How to build a scalable digital workforce with Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Process Cloud, and UiPath
  • Robotic Service Orchestration with UiPath & OIC
  • How to automate processes across legacy and modern apps
  • How to accelerate development with prebuilt adapters & integrations
  • How to simplify hybrid integration with OIC and UiPath
  • Speed up continuous innovation with API-first cloud integration design strategy 
  • Built-in intelligence to shorten the path to AI 
  • Live Q&A