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As with any journey the first step is the hardest.



JOLT's RPA FAST START is a dedicated program to help enterprises realize value deployment while setting your program up for long term success.

The RPA FAST START journey begins with JOLT providing a high touch, automation assessment to right-size your engagement and document high quality automation candidates. As your automation program begins to scale beyond its first couple of engagements we move your organization out of workflow thinking, into an automation program thinking with a Center of Excellence (CoE) under a robust Automation Operating Model (AOM)​.


RPA Assessment

JOLT believes that initial scoping on engagements and building a robust, automation pipelineis vital to realizing year-one ROI. 
JOLT provides a high touch, automation assessment toright-size your engagement and find high-quality automation candidates.

RPA Development & Deployment

JOLT provides a mature skill mix of Business Analysts, Program Management, Solution Architects, and RPA Developers that operate under an agile​development methodology for development. JOLT uses incremental deployments throughout the implementation lifecycle for​ continuous value delivery.

AOM & CoE Management

The Automation Operating Model (AOM) sets the blueprint for all the necessary elements to scale in any automation direction.
An RPA Center of Excellence consolidates efforts into a streamlined methodology to assess, deploy, and measure the impact of automation.

RPA Assessment

An organization must decide not just what to automate, but why to automate it.

An RPA assessment identifies opportunities to automate, quantifies the projected impact and stack ranks these opportunities.

We construct an RPA pipeline that feeds the program-maintained roadmap.

Where Your Organization Is
JOLT determines where your enterprise currently sits regarding its RPA maturity and readiness.
A Custom RPA Strategy
By taking stock of your organization’s current RPA strategy, organization, data, technology, and operations, JOLT uniquely tailors every recommendation for your top RPA solutions.
A Focused Approach
The Automation Assessment is focused initially on sourcing one to two workflows ready for immediate implementation.
Achieve 5 to 10x ROI
JOLT's automation expertise helps rightsize the approach, timeline, and target to realize ROI.
 Detailed Pipeline Documentation
Each use case in the pipeline is documented in detail, to include the human to machine process, interfaces, level of effort, potential impact, and break-even analysis.
Your Enterprise's Tailor-Made Analysis
At the end of the RPA Assessment, each enterprise will have its own personalized RPA analysis document containing all relevant RPA use cases.

With RPA FAST START, enterprises can maximize ROI while slashing deployment risks

RPA Development & Deployment

Based on your workload, JOLT customizes the implementation staffing to ensure quick and efficient delivery.

Regardless if your plan is to use JOLT development resources indefinitely, supplement JOLT resources with internal, or launch a citizen developer program, JOLT believes it’s important to have a couple of marquee processes developed under best practices and with your environment to act as reference for future implementations.

Agile Development Methodology
We continually deploy and assess using Agile methodologies to improve outcomes with continuous value delivery.
Highest ROI Potential
Our Solution Architects and Business Analysts ensure that the RPA implementation is set up to achieve maximum gains, not just copy how humans are doing processes currently.
Certified Resources
JOLT brings a mature skill mix of Business Analysts, Program Management, Solution Architects, and RPA Developers to the table, staged optimally to optimize value delivery.​We can also parachute in high-skilled resources as consultants to accelerate your program.
Flexible Engagement Models
Depending on your enterprise requirements, JOLT recommends either a dual shore, or a completely off-shored implementation team to optimize your RPA resource allocation.

JOLT is ready to scale your business impact in a leading or supporting fashion, taking you from 1 workflow to 10, 10 to 20, and from 20 workflows into true hyperautomation 🚀

RPA AOM & CoE Management

JOLT custom tailors the multiple variables that could affect a Center of Excellence (CoE) and implements an Automation Operating Model (AOM) best suited to drive success.

This ensures global enterprises are receiving the benefits of best practice sharing, workload balancing and efficiencies within shared processes while ensuring responsibility and accountability at all levels.

The CoE’s JOLT puts into place are ultimately flexible, to adapt alongside the RPA program's evolution.

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Tailor Strategy
The RPA strategy matches short term decisions to long term vision for RPA in the enterprise,  defining budget allocation, communication plan, enterprise rollout, and so on.
Develop Model
The automation operating model blueprints how to deploy people and resources in the pursuit of business objectives.​
Implement Governance
Establishes the methods used to provide guidance, support, shared learning, and oversight for the CoE based on the input from the leadership of the CoE and the leadership from the internal and external groups participating in the CoE.
Accelerate Enablement
Outlines the methods for best practices and create a just-in-time cross-training methodology . Training includes any content provided to or by the CoE.
Establishes any ties with external and internal providers of guidance to the CoE. This should include a listing of executive stakeholders and expectations of the guidance to be provided. 

JOLT implements flexible & adaptable Centers of Excellence to scale rapidly as the RPA program evolves within the enterprise

What to Expect

At the conclusion of the RPA FAST START program enterprises will have


Automated Operations


Vetted Process to Assess Automation Candidates


Trained, Automation-Ready Workforce