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Roundtable- Best practices and lessons learned from World-Class Automation Masterminds Featured


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đź“… August 25, 2020

Hyperautomation is trend #1 on Gartner’s list of  Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. Which makes it a key strategy for IT and business leaders working in their organizations' digital transformation initiatives.

Watch our panelists discuss the best practices and key lessons from their RPA journeys.

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Chet Chambers
Chief Evangelist, UiPath

As UiPath's Chief Evangelist, Chet is one of the biggest names in the RPA world and one of the earliest adopters of RPA, having deployed over 250 bots at HP under a year and generating enormous amounts of savings and productivity boosts.

Jennifer Hill
RPA Program Manager, Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation
Jennifer Hill is a Management and Program Analyst in the Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (FIT) within the Bureau of Fiscal Service. Jennifer works on FIT’s emerging technology portfolio including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chat Technology, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). FIT’s goal is to improve financial management across the entire government through the use of innovative ideas and emerging technology.
Danilo McGarry
Global Head of Automation, Alter Dormus
An award-winning keynote speaker and automation thought leader, he has led the automation programs of some of the largest global organizations, including Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada and United Healthcare Group, just to name a few, and he currently heads the global automation program at Alter Domus, a leading financial services firm, where he took the task to build a bullet-proof automation program from scratch.
Joe Bonhert
Intelligent Automation COE Manager, Facebook

With a robust background in F&A, Joe first dived into the world of RPA & Automation when implementing the Center of Excellence for Intelligent Automation at one of his previous employer organizations, in that role, he learned the enormous value that automation can bring to not only the finance department but across all operations and business units. 

At Facebook, Joe is the Intelligent Automation CoE leader, where he manages the automation projects across multiple business units, providing directions related to governance and working closely with business leaders to align automation opportunities with business strategy.

Jim Walker
Federal CTO & Director of Public Sector, UiPath

Jim is a former Army artillery officer and federal employee, he worked as the deputy chief information officer and services portfolio manager at NASA and took upon the task to design and deploy the first RPA bot on a
production system in the Federal government and led 9 integration teams for the defense
information systems agency.

At UiPath, Jim has helped countless US federal agencies and state, local, and education institutions realize the power of RPA to drive innovation and improve public services.

Kemal Kvakic
Strategic Technology Innovation & Adoption, Raymond James

Kemal is a technology veteran with over 14
years of experience working with cutting edge technologies & setting up successful digital innovation programs across organizations in different industries.

His leadership and technical expertise were instrumental to the success in Raymond James’ RPA program, where he leads their global center of excellence. 

His main areas of expertise include automation governance, bot development/maintenance, infrastructure, and architectural strategy.

Brett Fraser
SVP Operations, JOLT
With over 20 years of experience working with RPA, cognitive and AI technologies. Brett brings a wealth of knowledge on automation best practices, lessons learned, and use cases across the public and private sectors.

In this webinar...

Learn from our automation masterminds the key lessons learned from their collective experiences in working with different RPA initiatives and the best practices they gathered to help you design a successful path towards enterprise hyperautomation.

Roundtable Topics
  • Most important lessons learned in RPA so far
  • Best practices to build a scalable RPA program
  • Risk mitigation strategies for RPA
  • Key features an RPA platform needs to have to deliver long-term success
  • Is hyperautomation becoming a standard for digital transformation initiatives?
  • Predictions on the future of RPA
  • Open Q&A

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