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Empower your team to work and thrive alongside your digital workforce

Ensure your automation program’s long-term success by upskilling your staff with JOLT’s instructor-led RPA training. With hyperautomation topping Gartner’s 2020 strategic technology trend, and the global pandemic driving up the need for enterprise automation, jobs that require RPA skills are quickly rising. Linkedin reported that RPA developer is the #2 fastest growing job on its platform, with the number of positions growing 40% annually in the US between 2015 and 2019.


As a UiPath certified training partner, JOLT offers RPA development and business analyst training to help build your UiPath RPA expertise from the ground up.  Our courses are designed to help prepare you or your team for UiPath Certification exams as they will gain hands-on experience and exposure creating software robots in the UiPath RPA platform.  Our certified experts will leverage their experience to provide guidance on building effective RPA solutions to automate processes within your organization. 


This instructor lead course will assist attendees with completing the RPA Developer Advanced training from the UiPath Academy along with a focus on advanced development techniques. This course will also prepare the attendees for UiPath Certification exams as they will gain hands-on experience and exposure creating software robots in the UiPath RPA platform while learning industry best practices.

UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Training Includes:

  • Process Design Document (PDD) – Overview and understanding
  • Robotic Translation
  • Advanced ReFramework
  • Orchestrator, Credentials, and Assets
  • UiPath Studio, Workflows, Sequences, Activities, File Explorer, Data Scraping, Ui Explorer, and Selectors
  • Triggers, Folders, and Task
  • Exception Handling


As the RPA Business Analyst is one of the most important roles on an engagement, our training course is designed to teach your team how to bridge the knowledge gap between business users and technical teams. This course focuses on the activities related to defining the process requirements for automation (AS-IS and TO BE), robotic translation, clarifying the inputs and expected outputs as well as creating the documentation necessary for RPA.

RPA business analyst training, includes:

  • Introduction to RPA
  • Defining a Process
  • The RPA Business Analyst Role
  • Understanding the RPA Journey
  • Process Discovery and Assessment
  • Process Design
  • Solution Design
  • RPA Build
  • Testing RPA
  • Stabilizing RPA
  • Continuous Improvement


This 1-day, instructor-led course will give the attendees the foundational skill set needed to get started with UiPath StudioX. Attendees will learn the concept of citizen development and will be walked through diverse exercises inside UiPath StudioX to help them gain hands-on experience creating software robots so they can embark on their own RPA citizen developer journey without any programming skills required.

UiPath StudioX BotCamp includes:

  • Introduction to Citizen Development
  • Getting started with UiPath StudioX
  • StudioX Fundamentals
  • Build a Bot exercises
  • Steps forward for Citizen Developers


This 2-day, instructor-led course will provide attendees with the knowledge needed to take their citizen development skills to the next level. This course is designed for individuals that have already completed the online UiPath Citizen Developer Foundation course at the UiPath Academy. Attendees will be given a recap of UiPath StudioX fundamentals, so they can get started with building their own automation. By the end of this course, participants will have completed a full automation and their organizations will be able to recognize the benefits right away.

UiPath StudioX Bot-A-Thon, includes:

  • Recap of Key UiPath StudioX Skills
  • Studio X Automation Fundamentals
  • Instructor-led Build a Bot exercises