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our 360° rpa services

End-to-end RPA solutions to help you successfully navigate the automation journey

Organizations today are searching for more capacity, operational efficiency, and an overall competitive edge.  JOLT specializes in using RPA to automate the mundane tasks that humans hate, so they can focus on what really matters. This liberation allows your people to be more strategic, analytical, creative and truly happy! We bring certified RPA specialists, proven frameworks and the world's leading enterprise technologies to help you assess, implement and extend your automation program to deliver measurable business outcomes and a sustainable path towards digital transformation.

Education & Discovery

Education and discovery marks the first step in your automation journey. Our senior RPA experts will work with your business leaders to select the appropriate business processes that can serve as candidates for robotic process automation. We will ensure that the benefits of RPA are clear to all stakeholders and walk through use cases to show how this technology can be used to transform your business. We will begin to document your automation roadmap, transformation and change management strategy and which processes will show the quickest ROI to gain further buy-in for a larger effort.

  • Readiness assessment
  • Automation roadmap and transformation strategy
  • Change management and workforce impact strategy
  • Technology assessment
  • Business case and ROI analysis scorecard
  • POC process assessment and identification

RPA proof of concept

The RPA Proof of Concept (POC) is utilized to begin your RPA efforts on a small scale that can be used to then justify a larger endeavor based off of the results attained during this project. Our experts will design your architecture, install your RPA platform and then work to document and redesign the processes identified during discovery for automation development. These processes will then be built in your RPA platform and tested to ensure quality and performance before moving to production. The ROI on the processes automated will be calculated and used when gaining buy-in for the automation of additional identified processes.

  • Architecture design
  • Platform installation
  • Process documentation, optimization/re-engineering
  • POC Implementation (Design, Development, Testing and Deployment)

RPA Pilot program

Following a successful POC, the organization needs to prepare for a broader roll-out to automate the next wave of processes that can provide quick wins to maintain the momentum achieved during the POC phase.

  • Outline Center of Excellence (CoE) requirements
  • ROI management
  • Monitoring and control
  • Pilot outcome gathering
  • Data generation

RPA center of excellence

Our experts will guide you in establishing the CoE model that meets your needs and will establish execution and development methodologies, role definitions and more.

  • Governance and security standards
  • Requirements mapping framework
  • Access management
  • Execution methodologies
  • Role definitions
  • Technical integration
  • BOT management
  • Vendor management
  • Innovation and research

RPA implementation & development

To implement your RPA platform, our experts will set up the technical architecture best suited for your environment. We will install, configure and tailor the software to accommodate your business needs, provide business process modeling frameworks, perform QA/testing and implement access and security standards to ensure a successful go-live process.

  • RPA platform implementation and configuration
  • Business process automation development
  • Workflow orchestration and governance
  • Project documentation
  • Security and access management
  • Testing of automated workflows and bots performance

RPA ramp up & institutionalization

Once our client organizations begin to realize the value of RPA from the pilot project, opportunities to scale and expand across the enterprise will become infinite. We will then enable their organization to grow a digital workforce and establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) to develop their internal RPA capabilities. This will allow them to continue to identify process candidates from their front and back-office to expand their cost-savings and productivity enhancement to multiple business units.

  • Change management
  • Grassroots engagement
  • Results socialization
  • User adoption & training
  • Full-scale roll-out across business units, functions and geographies
  • Cognitive integration roadmap

Enablement & support

We will provide training and certifications to enable your staff to leverage the RPA implementation successfully. Following the initial go-live, we will provide orchestration, management and support to our client's bots, ensuring that they are operating at its maximum capacity and the human workforce can leverage the added productivity to increase business agility, improve customer experience and maximize ROI.

  • RPA platform implementation and configuration
  • Business process automation development
  • Workflow orchestration and governance
  • Project documentation
  • Security and access management
  • Testing of automated workflows and bots performance

Intelligent Transformation

Our Intelligent Automation experts will use their expertise to combine the benefits of robotic process automation with cognitive technologies to break down the limitations of rule-based automation and expand the capabilities of your current RPA implementation. When combined with our world-class, proven automation frameworks, you will be able to change the game as your automations will include decision making, analytics, and problem-solving features in order to automate non-routine tasks, and skyrocket the operational efficiency across your enterprise.

RPA Across Industries

Organizations across all verticals have harvested results from RPA that have substantially improved business performance and countered inefficiency across business functions. Due to the major cost reduction pressures in industries like banking and insurance, they have been at the forefront of RPA adoption. Their uses have been widely implemented in activities such as claims processing, card management, and mortgage processing. However, they are no longer the only industries leveraging the benefits from RPA. Learn how you too can jump ahead of the competition with RPA.

& Discovery

Proof of concept

Pilot program

Center of excellence

RPA Implementation &

RPA Ramp up &

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RPA Across

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why should you implement rpa

business benefits

  • FTE hour reduction
  • Productivity boost
  • Turnaround time decreased
  • Operational expenditure reduction
  • Error-free data processing
  • Labor upskilling opportunities
  • 24/7 availability
  • Compliance and audit trail
  • Competitive advantage

technical benefits

  • Quick implementation cycles
  • Low cost of acquisition
  • Pervasive and non-intrusive technology
  • Quick return of investment
  • Facilitates data and application integration from legacy, cloud and on-premise systems

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