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Process Mining - Design Your Robots With Scientific Precision So They Are Right The First Time - Featured


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📅July 22nd, 2020


Welcome to the second part of our three-part webinar demo series focused on demonstrating what RPA can do for the public sector, specially during the COVID crisis. 

UiPath's Process Mining and Task Mining are unique tools designed to provide a holistic view of every process within your organization, spot bottlenecks in workflows, make data-driven decisions, and align your automation strategy with your organization's KPIs.

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Jim Walker
Federal CTO & Director of Public Sector, UiPath

Former Army Artillery Officer and federal
employee. Former deputy chief information
officer and services portfolio manager at NASA.

Designed and deployed the first RPA bot on a
production system in the Federal government.
Led 9 integration teams for the defense
information systems agency.

Brett Fraser
SVP Operations, JOLT
With over 20 years of experience working with RPA, cognitive and AI technologies. Brett brings a wealth of knowledge on automation best practices, lessons learned, and use cases across the public and private sectors.
Christiaan Esmeijer
Vice President of Customer Success, UiPath
Former CEO of Process Gold. Christiaan has spent more than 10 years working on process optimization and software development in the field of big data and business intelligence.

In this webinar...

Learn how Process Mining is providing a clear view of common processes that are driving up or down the operational efficiency in the government agency, and what are the process candidates that are most suitable for automation.

See how UiPath Process Mining allows RPA stakeholders to make data-driven decisions based on fact-based recommendations and visualizations that allow the RPA stakeholders to identify high-ROI, high-impact workflows.

Learn about the public sector early adopters and how UiPath Process Mining and Task Mining allows organizations to build business resiliency by leveraging data from their business applications (like ERP and CRM) to get a thorough understanding of the organizations' processes. When public agencies know what to automate they become more efficient and can provide critical services to citizens during the ongoing health and economic crisis.

Additionally, understand the role UiPath Process Mining plays on deploying a successful RPA strategy for public sector agencies and local, state, and federal governments.


Webinar Agenda
  • Public Sector adopts RPA
  • RPA use cases in the Public Sector
  • What is UiPath Process Mining & Task Mining
  • Process Heatmap for the Government
  • UiPath Process Mining Demo
  • How to Get Started
  • Live Q&A


Key takeaways from the webinar
  • Many US government institutions have found outstanding success in their RPA adoption and are in the process of scaling their automation footprint to continue to gain operational efficiency.
  • UiPath Process Mining can help organizations X-ray their common processes to find bottlenecks and process optimization opportunities by analyzing data from their back-end business applications (like ERP and CRM). You'll know what to automate and how to do it best.
  • UiPath Task Mining automatically identifies and aggregates process workflows, then applies AI to map tasks to automation opportunities. That's how you build a high-value automation pipeline across the enterprise.
  • Process Mining and Task Mining can help organizations have a holistic view of their processes and make data-driven decisions to enable business continuity and build resiliency.


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