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To shorten the path to RPA, organizations need to have a clear process discovery strategy to identify automation opportunities, analyze productivity gaps, and optimize human driven business processes to maximize automation suitability.

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To help our customers automate process discovery for RPA, we have teamed up with OpenConnect to provide enterprise-class process automation with a complete suite of process discovery and documentation software:


Collect activity in real time — OpenConnect’s WorkiQ® workforce analytics software gives you vast stores of real-time data about what your workers, even remote workers, are really doing.


Discover processes — The DiscoveriQ™ software employs advanced techniques to see the “forest” in the “trees” — i.e., the processes in the duties. It even automatically documents its findings. With this invaluable knowledge, your team can more effectively map out the automation of your processes.


Automate wisely — At this point, you then automate each identified process appropriately. For high-level, complex processes, OpenConnect’s ConnectiQ™ provides server-based automation that works with a multitude of data sources, including even mainframes.  

Identify & prioritize automation opportunities

First and foremost, you must have a true automation strategy. Figure out what to automate as well as which processes get the highest priority in the effort, because you can’t automate everything up front. Of course, to make these decisions, you need solid data, which brings us to the next point.

Document processes and design automation logic

To automate what people do, you must first know what people do. Capturing this data in the most efficient and accurate way requires moment-by-moment process discovery and workforce analytics, along with documentation of what you learn. That requires some pretty advanced software.

Provide for scalability

Just as any business plan must allow for the enterprise’s growth, your automation plan must allow for scalability. When your workload grows, how will the automation scale up to meet it? And, if your work involves mainframes, can the automation communicate with them? We lead our industry in providing RPA capabilities that scale up almost infinitely and connect with all your data sources.

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