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JOLT's RPA Spark Assessment

The spark you need to ignite your RPA fire.

What is the RPA Spark assessment?

The JOLT RPA Spark assessment provides a client with an existing and small RPA footprint the opportunity to quickly identify the top automation candidates within their organization and determine the organization's readiness and maturity prior to scaling up automations.

How it works


A certified JOLT business analyst spends three weeks working with client subject matter experts and process owners to dive deep into potential automation candidates. This helps determine the tasks and subtasks within the top processes and outlines the potential time savings projected through the deployment of automation.

What JOLT delivers to you


The measured readiness and maturity of the organization or business unit


The top processes to the subtask detail


Potential impact in time savings per process


Licensing and professional services costs to build the automated processes

Assess your Organization's Readiness


The maturity of the environment to adopt advanced technologies and ensures there are mechanisms in place or scheduled to be deployed to gauge the performance of RPA through workforce augmentation.


Process maturity, existing technology adoption levels compared to the permeation of process ontology within the organization to determine readiness.


Organizational factors, maturity indicators, strengths and deficiencies, and the path forward are gauged and assessed to ensure the client environment is mature enough to begin an RPA transformation.

Identify the Best Processes Suited for Automation

Determining the organization's needs comes from a careful analysis of the data, processes, culture, readiness, opportunities, and potential impact, as well as the historical and current issues identified. A process refinement map is created for a perfect world scenario to list where refinement, advancement, or streamlining within process could occur. Potential roadblocks and dependencies are identified and documented.

The JOLT Spark assessment first determines what software and hardware, people resources, organizational change, and budget are needed to solve each problem (top-down) and identify unknown impactful areas (bottom-up).

With the Spark assessment, enterprises can determine the best solutions to deploy; the potential impact RPA can make and ensure a listing of successive solutions are able to be deployed through a systematic program within the organization.

Get started with the Spark Assessment

The Spark assessment helps organizations that are having difficulties scaling their automations and expanding their RPA program across the enterprise. Contact us in the form below to learn more about the cost and deliverables from the JOLT RPA Spark Assessment.

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