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AOM Infographic Cover

Automation Operating Model

The Automation Operating Model (AOM) is a template for the RPA program that includes executive vision, IT automation readiness, control framework, citizen model, and attended strategy, among other things. The AOM is a top-down initiative that is supported by enterprise-wide goals and is directed by upper-level leadership. Furthermore, each organization's AOM is unique, and it is important to properly grow automation.

Check out our infographic to learn about the key components of the AOM, key drivers, landscape, maturity scale, and how it relates to the RPA Center of Excellence (CoE).

What you'll learn

What is the AOM

Learn what the AOM is and how it will help the organization execute its automation strategy.

Critical Components and Key Drivers

Learn what are the components and drivers that will ensure the success of your Automation Operating Model.

AOM Journey

See how the AOM will evolve as a company's automation program matures and adds value to the business.

AOM Landscape

Understand the whole Landscape of the AOM, from IT Operations Management to Financial Planning & Funding.

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