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Hyperscience & JOLT

The most advanced document processing solution powered by Machine Learning.

Intelligent Document Processing

Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution is an input-to-outcome platform for the automation of document-based workflows. It is built to be configurable from the get-go and can mold to your existing business processes today and help you optimize them for your business needs of tomorrow.


IDP was trained on real-world documents with real-world imperfections, and equipped with pre-trained Machine Learning models, and is smart about when to bring humans into the loop. IDP does not care about coffee stains, scan lines or unclear handwriting, IDP turns documents into the structured data you need to service your customers quickly and accurately.

fastFaster processing

Increase your document processing power by up to 5x, resulting in faster turnaround times, improved customer service, and increased revenue.


Minimize errors

Extract handwritten, messy, cursive, and printed text with unprecedented accuracy, resulting in reduced risks caused by poor data.


Reduce manual work

IDP will enable you to automate up to 95% of the document processing work you do, minimizing the repetitive, low-value tasks your staff does.

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Fast Start


Custom Taxonomy Support

IDP will allow you to fully control your document classification taxonomies giving you unprecedented flexibility to define your business process workflows.

Smart Extraction

IDP can read data inside a field without extracting the field name or requiring human intervention, this allows you to easily set up templates and find potential new layouts.

Proprietary Neural Networks

Hyperscience IDP's neural network was built and trained with proprietary datasets of real-world documents so the solution could be capable of accurately extracting handwritten and printed text.

Read Outside the Box

The IDP solution will capture everything you need from a document, even if it is outside the box. This feature ensures the data you need is correctly extracted across different scenarios.

Plug-in API

Quickly integrate IDP to your applications via an API so your system can read files from multiple sources. This integration capability reduces the need for custom development.

Multiple Connectors

Hyperscience IDP boasts a wide array of input and export connectors and the REST API allows you to integrate the solution with your organization's upstream and downstream applications.

User-friendly Experience

IDP was designed to be used by business users across industries. It is so friendly, that Hyperscience can be set up in an afternoon by anyone within your organization.

Data Protection

TLS encryption is supported for inbound and outbound connections. Additionally, IDP is compatible with multiple file storage and databases, and can be set up to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Data Privacy

Hyperscience IDP is deployed on premise, which allows you to maintain full control of your data. Furthermore, this feature allows you to implement your own security protocols across multiple layers.

User Authentication

IDP supports multiple types of authentication options out of the box, allowing for flexibility and customization. The solution supports options like username/password combinations, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), and OpenID Connect (OIDC).

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