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RPA has helped organizations automate repetitive, rules-based tasks and processes across the enterprise, but when married with Artificial Intelligence (AI) new possibilities are unlocked for an organization's RPA initiatives.

By infusing RPA with AI-powered technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Object Character Recognition (OCR), and Machine Learning (ML), organizations are doing Intelligent Automation, creating cognitive or thinking robots, and taking their firsts steps towards hyperautomation.

Deploying RPA + AI can help organizations automate complex, exception-heavy processes from end to end at an enterprise level, from HR to Finance to Legal, each business unit can leverage cognitive robots to be their new digital assistants.

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Chet Chambers
Chief Evangelist, UiPath

As UiPath's Chief Evangelist, Chet is one of the biggest names in the RPA world and one of the earliest adopters of RPA, having deployed over 250 bots at HP under a year and generating enormous amounts of savings and productivity boosts.

He traveled the world giving keynote presentations, helping raise awareness on RPA, and sharing his own success stories and key lessons learned from his career.

Brett Fraser
SVP Operations, JOLT
With over 20 years of experience working with RPA, cognitive and AI technologies. Brett brings a wealth of knowledge on automation best practices, lessons learned, and use cases across the public and private sectors.
Danilo McGarry
Global Head of Automation, Alter Dormus

An award-winning keynote speaker and automation thought leader, he has led the automation programs of some of the largest global organizations, including Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada and United Healthcare Group, just to name a few, and he currently heads the global automation program at Alter Domus, a leading financial services firm, where he took the task to build a bullet-proof automation program from scratch.

In this webinar...

Danilo McGarry, advisor to the EU commission of AI Alliance and long time Automation thought leader will join our panelists to explain what exactly is AI, what are AI-powered technologies that can complement RPA, what are the most common use cases you can implement AI-powered automations, and the key lessons learned from their collective experiences to help the audience create the best path towards hyperautomation. 

Webinar Agenda
  • RPA & Automation 101
  • Intelligent Automation
  • RPA + AI use cases
  • Path to Hyperautomation
  • How to Get Started
  • Live Q&A

You can also read the live Q&A transcript blog here.

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