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Format: Webinar On-Demand 

Duration: 1-hour

As one of the most demanding and regulated industries, healthcare providers are faced with a growing number of administrative challenges that continue to drive down operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. 

By adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA), healthcare institutions of all sizes and domains have gained significant operational efficiency and are able to prioritize judgment-based decisions instead of administrative tasks for their clinical staff.

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David Grieneisen
Senior Executive, UiPath

David has over 15 years of experience in
health IT and enterprise technologies, with
specialized knowledge in the healthcare
industry and deep understanding of the
applicability of the Robotic Process
Automation technology in HCPs.

Jeremy Gilliland
Chief Automation Officer, JOLT

Jeremy is a well-recognized innovator within the RPA community. He has managed 60+ RPA deployments and helped to deliver over $50 million in savings to the organizations he’s
supported using UiPath, Automation Anywhere & BluePrism.

In this webinar...

UiPath's healthcare expert, David Grieneisen, will demonstrate the multiple ways healthcare providers can leverage UiPath to become more competitive, by injecting operational agility to administrative processes, maximize data accuracy and protection, drive cost reductions and boost patient satisfaction to enable continuous growth. 

Being in one of the most demanding and regulated industries, HCPs are faced with a growing number of administrative challenges such as continuous digitization of patient records, data compliance, budgetary pressures and lack of IT resources that take away the focus to their main goal: patient care.

Healthcare providers can leverage RPA technologies for tasks such as patient scheduling, claims processing, data entry, reporting, invoice processing, billing, IT services, payrolls, on-boarding, etc. in a scheduled or activity triggered fashion, that can run independent or fully controlled by human intervention.

Webinar Agenda
  • How are healthcare organizations benefiting from RPA
  • Common use cases for RPA in healthcare
  • Automating EMR transactions 
  • Simplifying legacy integration complexity
  • Case studies
  • Live Demos
  • Live Q&A