Governing your virtual workforce white paper cover

An expert's guide to RPA governance, security, and auditing

Data security and application governance are some of the top priorities in every IT leaders' table. Getting information security officers to buy into the fact that robots are not going to become a threat to the organization is one of the main challenges that RPA stakeholders face.

In this white paper, we describe the current information security concerns around the deployment of a digital workforce, and how to build a safe environment and keeping it from going overboard with suggestions for installing a solid governance program to protect data in Dev, UAT, and Production environments, and monitor activities to ensure that RPA adoption is successful. 

Learn about:

  • Infosec and the fear of 'robots'
  • Building a safe environment
  • Staffing the CoE - separation of duties
  • Auditing results 

Download our white paper now to learn the best practices for RPA security and governance today.