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Webinar - GOT UPK NOW WHAT - Hero Image


Format: Webinar OnDemand 

Duration: 1-hour

Oracle has announced that Premier Support will be ending for the UPK platform in April of 2019 and we have heard that there will be no more development on the tool past service pack 5 release ( We here at JOLT were very disappointed to hear this as we love UPK!

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Chris Thilburg
Partner, JOLT Advantage Group

Chris has 8+ years implementing, upgrading and supporting various enterprise applications, he is a change management and organizational
readiness expert.

RPA Evangelist - UiPath Certified

Joel Thilburg
Managing Partner, JOLT Advantage Group

Joel has more than 15 years of experience in implementing, upgrading, and supporting enterprise applications.

He has an extensive background in training and organizational readiness.

In this webinar...

We presented the current situation of Oracle UPK, and lay out the multiple options the users have to either continue using UPK without product support or upgrades, or transition to a different platform. We will be featuring the ANCILE uPerform as the platform that can be an alternative to replace Oracle UPK.

Webinar Agenda
  • The Current UPK Situation
  • UPK Replacement Options
  • Migrating from UPK
  • ANCILE uPerform Demo