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From Pilot To Full-Scale RPA Implementation: The Raymond James' Success Story

Format: Webinar OnDemand 

Duration: 1-hour

In 2019, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become the fastest growing enterprise software segment and an established technology for a large number of organizations.

However, after a successful RPA pilot, many organizations still struggle to scale up and define a sustainable automation roadmap.

In this webinar, learn how global financial services company Raymond James went from pilot to full-scale RPA implementation leveraging industry leading platform UiPath.

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Kemal Kvakic
Strategic Technology Innovation & Adoption, Raymond James
Kemal is a technology veteran with over 14
years of experience working with cutting edge technologies & setting up successful digital innovation programs across organizations in different industries. His leadership and technical knowledge were instrumental to the success in Raymond James’ RPA adoption program.
Jeremy Gilliland
Chief Automation Officer, JOLT
Jeremy is a well-recognized innovator
within the RPA community. He has managed 60+ RPA deployments and helped to deliver over $50 million in savings to the organizations he’s supported using UiPath, Automation
Anywhere & BluePrism.

In this webinar...

Hear the story of Raymond James' transformational journey with RPA, benchmark the successful ramp-up and a sustained roll out of one of the most advanced automation programs and learn the best practices of RPA deployment, including tool evaluation, building the business case, establishing the Center of Excellence (CoE), designing an enterprise scalable infrastructure, and their plans to expand their existing RPA program. 

Webinar Agenda
  • RPA overview and current stats
  • Raymond James' Journey with RPA:
    • Starting up: Tools evaluation, business case, infrastructure, access & user creations for Bots, SDLC design, governance, process selection framework 
    • Implementation: Enterprise scalable infrastructure, delivery approach, bot development, reporting, post-production planing
    • Ramp-up: Proof of value, expanding the team, setting up the CoE
    • What's next: Support, upgrades, socialization, cost reduction plans, streamlining processes.
  • Live Q&A