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Banner - Fear Not! There is Life after UPK!

[Webinar On-demand]

Oracle has announced that Premier Support will be ending for the UPK platform in April of 2019 and we have heard that there will be no more development on the tool past service pack 5 release ( We here at JOLT were very disappointed to hear this as we love UPK!

From our perspective, this is not time to panic, but time to begin your transition planning process. JOLT has conducted an extensive amount of research in finding viable replacements and fear not, there are some great options available! In this session, we will present the current UPK landscape, provide an overview and demo of other platforms as well as show how easy it is to migrate your existing UPK assets. The platforms presented will allow you to maintain all of the things that UPK did so well, while adding additional features with less IT involvement!

Key Objectives:

  • Discuss the current UPK landscape and transition challenges
  • Provide an overview and demonstrations of three alternate platforms:
  • Assima Vimago
  • Epilogue Opus
  • ANCILE uPerform
  • Compare each platform’s features, benefits and content migration options