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JOLT BOT Object Language Translator streamlines the transition from legacy decisions to a more scalable community supported solution.

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The JOLT BOLT provides a simple method to capture the inner workings of an Automation Anywhere bot and translate the function to the UiPath platform.

A new way to transition your RPA investments to UiPath.

What is the JOLT BOLT?

The JOLT BOLT (BOT Object Language Translator) is an easy to use product to translate legacy Automation Anywhere automations into a versatile more usable format in the UiPath platform. This capability is reliable and repeatable and will save you countless hours to get your automation program on the right track.

The JOLT BOLT allows organizations to have a smooth and seamless transition between the top RPA vendors Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

how DOES it work

We translate Automation Anywhere bots into UiPath platform ready workflows. Upload your .xml file here.



Main features

ease of use-01
Ease of Use

Drag and drop functionality to convert AA bots to functional UiPath sequences that can run right after conversion (no changes needed)


Robust reporting capabilities are built-in with results and insights (# Lines, # Variables, #Components)


This utility will be scalable as conversion is based on the number of components and will be compatible with older versions of the tools (AA 9,10)

Key Benefits

Drastically cut the development time needed to remove the previous investment in AA bots and avoid rebuilding automations from scratch in UiPath.

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Convert Automation Anywhere files reliably and repeatedly for future client engagements.

convert files

Allow client organizations to cut costs associated to efforts in switching RPA platforms and retain some of the initial investment dollars.

cut costs

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