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Innovating Contact Centers with RPA

Take customer satisfaction to a new level with the help of robots

Contact Centers meet RPA

Organizations striving to deliver quality customer service are modernizing their contact centers and call centers to ensure satisfactory customer experiences in the digital era. This includes maximizing the rate for first-call resolution and minimizing average call handling time. However, customer interactions are often slowed down as the support agents need to spend significant time to access and load information from multiple systems in order to find the information needed to process the customer request. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be leveraged to speed up the interaction with the client, provide a more thorough response, decrease the amount of human labor required to field incoming inquiries, and increase customer satisfaction through reduction in human error. 

Take the robot out of your customer service agents and empower them to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Start today. 

According to Kearney, “AI and RPA have the power to reduce human agent interaction time by 40 percent by 2027… Now is the time to invest in [these] contact center technologies as the primary window of opportunity will close by 2022.

Take a look at how RPA can help organizations deliver a seamless contact center experience throughout the customer's journey.

WHY RPA FOR Contact Centers

Boost Customer


  • Lower the

Call Volume

  • Automate Back-Office


Enable a Zero-Touch

Customer Experience

Resolve Customer

Issues Faster

Deploy Chatbots

for Self-Service

Empower Contact

Center Agents

Offer Personalized

Solutions to Customers

challenges faced by Contact Centers


Modern systems often can’t connect to legacy systems due to lack of APIs


When APIs are available, integrations are costly and difficult to maintain


Front office and back office are siloed

How CAN Automation Help Solve These Challenges


Connect work and data flows across tools you use today, modern and legacy


RPA-platform integrations are available for technologies such as chatbots, IVR, AI, and CRM


The UiPath platform offers unique contact center capabilities, such as a customizable agent console

key impact areas

These are four areas where RPA can provide a positive customer experience and generate contact center impact.

brain (1)-1

Agent shadowing with Intelligent Automation (IA) to decrease training time and always provide expert results.


Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) integration for self-service, leveraging neural networks and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Ticket handling by leveraging APIs that allow the software robots to interact seamlessly with ticket systems providers like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and others.


Providing rapid assistance to contact center agents, making the agents more efficient by autonomically and instantaneously gathering caller profile information across multiple systems.

An Overall Improvement to customer Experience


Estimated increase in CSAT


Estimated decrease in AHT


Estimated increase in FCR


Est. Decrease in Training & Onboarding Costs

the impact of automation


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