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Celonis & JOLT

The Process Mining industry leader.

Discover the Power of Process Mining

Celonis is the recognized market leader in Process Mining, and their technology lives at the core of Celonis’ Execution Management System (EMS), powering the EMS’ Analytics capabilities. While most process mining solutions offer discovery and varying levels of basic analytics, Celonis' EMS is the only comprehensive, cloud-based solution for business transformation based on process mining technology.


The Celonis EMS acts as an intelligent layer on top of your existing systems, leveraging process mining technology to extract and analyze event data in real time. Using AI and an in-memory patented database to sift through terabytes of system process and desktop user data, the EMS identifies the execution gaps in your business processes, knows which ones have the biggest impact on your execution capacity and triggers real-time solutions to address those gaps.

viewDeliver data-driven process views in minutes

You can forget about Process Mapping. Celonis enables you to measure the execution capacity of your processes in real-time, based on your transactional data without the need for workshops.


Combine your system and app data

The Celonis EMS is a unique solution that combines Process Mining with Task Mining to get you the most complete, dynamic view of how work gets done at your organization.


Find the gaps in your business processes

Gain full visibility into your business processes as they actually are, so you can find execution gaps and analyze their roots causes.

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Fast Start


100% Cloud-based

Celonis is flexible, scalable and safe, giving you options for private and GovCloud deployments that meet the highest privacy and security standards.

System Connectors and Pre-built Instruments

With Celonis you can hit the ground running thanks to 270+ ready-made process analyses and pre-built connectors that connect and extract real-time data from any system quickly and easily.

100% Process and Task Visibility

Celonis is the only Process Mining solution that also combines Task Mining, so you can have a full picture of how work gets done across your enterprise.

AI-powered Recommendations

Celonis leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide recommendations in real-time for the next best actions to take to improve your business processes.

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