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Industry: Healthcare

Project background: A large US healthcare provider required a way to effectively process patient claims while reducing human error. The procedure was fragmented and lengthy due to the data validation required across different systems, paper forms, internet, and record apps. At the same time, the client's websites and apps for patient eligibility and benefits validation updated on a monthly basis.


Industry: Utilities

Project background: One of the largest natural gas providers in the US needed to optimize its highly manual processes and elevate the type of work their valued employees are doing. The goal was to reduce the time they spent reviewing their duplicate invoices as it took 120 hours of manual work per month.

Streamlining Purchase Reporting and Credit Card Refunds via RPA

Industry: Food Services

Project background: One of America’s most beloved restaurants needed to leverage automation to streamline data reporting regarding alcohol purchases across the franchised restaurant locations. Additionally, the client needed to deploy RPA to optimize its refunds-related processes.

JOLT delivered multiple end-to-end automation solutions using UiPath's hyperautomation suite. The robots processed thousands of items across various systems. Additionally, our jolt experts helped establish and optimize the company's Center of Excellence (CoE) and the RPA framework.

Data Validation for Oracle Cloud Migration

Industry: Social Media

Project background: The world's largest social media company found themselves in the middle of a large ERP migration project, they figured it was time to leverage their RPA investments to ease the pain of the data migration and validation processes. The goal was to minimize human errors while seamlessly moving data across platforms and expediting the migration of on-premise Oracle EBS data to Oracle cloud.

Optimizing Transportation and Logistics Operations

Industry: Food Manufacturing

Project background: The world's largest pork processor needed to optimize several critical business processes in its logistics and transportation business unit. The goal was to improve delivery times, shipping effectiveness, and provide better visibility on their logistics operations.

Data Validation for Oracle Migration

Industry: Social Media

Project background: When the world's largest social media organization was in the midst of a major ERP migration initiative, they decided it was time to put their RPA investments to use to make the data migration and validation processes go more smoothly.

Fixed Asset Automation

Industry: Steel Manufacturing

Project background: SAGE Fixed Asset Import and Reporting, which was originally introduced by a separate SI and had several bugs affecting the value of the automation project, was the goal for a leading US steel manufacturer who wanted to correct their tax reporting automation process.

Credit Card Refunds Automation

Industry: Food Services

Project background: One of the most beloved restaurants in the United States wanted to simplify credit card processing. Due to information inconsistencies, processes became time-consuming and troublesome.

Center of Excellence Implementation

Industry: Retail

Project background: A global retailer for the US Army and Air Force has a policy of pricing their goods 3% less than the going average, and all product testing and modification was done by hand.

Month End Close Automation

Industry: Marketing

Project background: A major direct marketing company wanted to use automation to streamline their month-end financial reporting operation. Month end close was incredibly time consuming due to the company's franchised model, as they had to collect month end information from 60 individual franchises.

RPA Rescue Mission

Industry: Healthcare

Project background: In early 2019, a leading provider of physical therapy and recovery programs began their RPA journey. The initial SI's technique was ineffective and yielded no results. The notion of eliminating the whole RPA project emerged when C-level executives were not getting any return on their investment.

Optimizing Logistics and Transportation via RPA

Industry: Food Manufacturing

Project background: The world's largest pork processor, the United States' largest hog manufacturer, and a leader in a variety of packaged meats segments needed to increase distribution times, shipment efficiency, and visibility into their logistics activities.

Invoice Duplicate Review with RPA

Industry: Utilities

Project background: One of the country's largest natural gas companies needed to use RPA to streamline its duplicate invoice review process and reallocate team time to higher-value processes.

Purchase Reporting

Industry: Food Services

Project background: A leading US dining chain company was looking to streamline the data reporting regarding alcohol purchases throughout the chain’s restaurants. JOLT provided the RPA solution to automate their daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of their alcoholic beverages inventory, reducing their processing time from 5 hours to 5 mins. 

RPA Platform Transition and Agile Development

Industry: Information Services

Project background: A global information provider needed to convert all their Kofax automations into UiPath due to a recent merger where the parent company is using UiPath as their main RPA platform. This created a need to consolidate their existing automations by converting hundreds of Kofax bots to UiPath in a record-timeline.

Web Verifier

Industry: Financial services

Project background: A large financial consulting company provides portfolio management and policy monitoring services for their insurance clientele needed a solution that would help automate the manual insurance policy monitoring processes to improve efficiency, as well as detect coverage lapses prior to policy expiration, in order to send out early notifications and incentives to end-customers to re-activate their insurance coverage.

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Volume Spike Handling

Industry:  Insurance

Project background: A large insurance provider need to manually enter flood claims within 24hrs to the FEMA website during hurricane seasons among other natural disaster events that cause a significant backlog to their standard operating times.

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Bond Brokerage

Industry:  Financial services

Project background: A financial services provider needed to find a more efficient way to monitor their bonds portfolio trading in order to submit more competitive and timely bids for a higher return on investment.

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Automatic Claims Processing

Industry:  Healthcare

Project background: A large healthcare insurer wanted to augment their claim processing efficiency, remove bottlenecks and errors that would cause major roadblocks and increase the volume of customer complaints.

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Real-Time Inventory Optimization

Industry: Retail

A Global retailer providing merchandising and other services to Military members, retirees, and their family members was looking for a solution to reduce the manual time needed to update stock values in their ERP system. When online shoppers place items into their shopping carts, this automatically updates the retailer’s inventory systems, effectively moving the item out of stock. However, if these items are not actually purchased, the items remain in the frozen inventory report. This would require a group of business analysts to dedicate time to manually update the stock values in Oracle RMS.

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Real-Time Competitive Monitoring

Industry: Retail

A global online retailer was looking for an automation solution that would allow them to review real-time competitor sights in the market and monitor SKU prices of overlapping or similar merchandise. They also desired to continually update product pricing to stay 3% lower than the cheapest competitor’s pricing at any given time to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Endorsement Request Email Indexing

Industry: Insurance

A large American insurance company was looking for a solution to reduce the workload for indexing endorsement emails from sales agents.

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State Claims Filling Automation

Industry: Insurance

A large American insurance company needed to find a solution to help reduce the manual workload on the centralized state filing process which provides consistency and efficiency in completion of the state filing forms and payments

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BOT Guard

Industry: Insurance

A large American insurance company needed to create an access management solution for their RPA robots as the organization scaled the numbers of BOTs in production. An automated framework was also required to keep BOT PROD environment secure.

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