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Why RPA Advanced Training?

He knew there was more opportunity in a developer’s career than the menial tasks he’d been assigned as part of his job. He was a driven upstart that wanted to push to the next level. He wanted to move beyond task mastery into aspects of his field where he’s managing people and programs. This junior developer began embracing robotic process automation (RPA) as part of his toolkit knowing there was plenty of time to turn that job into a true career. A large three-letter company noticed and pushed our junior developer to learn more about the various RPA platforms and master their RPA platform of choice. Training was crucial in this part of our developer’s journey. Not only did he receive the basics, but he was able to apply his programmer’s mindset to logically break down the content and file away those tidbits of knowledge that would be helpful for others – refactoring knowledge as he progressed. Moving from beginner to advanced RPA development training gave him the insight needed to truly understand the power of RPA. At this point, Three-Letter asked our RPA developer to become the RPA trainer. 

Our trainer became fascinated by the adult learning model and dove in head-first. The creation of lesson plans, course outlines and practical lab exercises motivated our new trainer to further his skills and build a training program based on his own adoption of RPA within the company. He developed an easy-to-understand flow from beginner to advanced coursework that accelerated training and expanded RPA-capable staff levels. As a trainer, our developer was challenged in a multitude of ways. The advanced RPA knowledge he gained pushed him to continue to practice and improve RPA deployments while encouraging and enabling others to do the same. However, he knew there was more he could learn to push him to grow further as an RPA professional.

Our advanced RPA developer training specialist wasn’t satisfied yet. RPA was rapidly gaining traction in the market, and he knew a change of scenery may help propel him further in the career he was building. At this point in his journey, our trainer joined JOLT. At JOLT, our trainer was able to dive much deeper into RPA through the use of the UiPath platform and toolset. He quickly became UiPath RPA Advanced certified and explored the myriad of RPA team roles and the associated training. The UiPath community of support, concise and readily available documentation and JOLT’s own drive to “be the best” certainly helped him build the training foundation he was looking for. He worked very hard to get to this point in his career where his knowledge identified him as an expert and his efforts aligned him as extraordinary.

The story above is a shortened version of the efforts John May worked through to become JOLT’s Director of Training and Transformation. John designed and now facilitates JOLT’s Advanced Developer RPA course which walks a junior RPA developer through the coursework needed to be prepared for the UiPath RPA Advanced Developer certification. John assures us that some are faster than others, but he’s carved out 5 days to ensure you get the time needed to apply the knowledge shared in your own journey. JOLT hopes you take advantage of John’s story and his Advanced Developer RPA course. Perhaps you can find a little of yourself in the journey he’s been through as he is the instructor for courses scheduled through the end of the year.

Acquire the skills you need to thrive in the modern workplace, sign up for JOLT’s upcoming UiPath Advanced Developer course here.