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UiPath's New Automation Cloud Migration Tool and Other New Features Coming Out in their 21.4 Platform Release

Every month, UiPath hosts a demo day to show off new features, upgrades, and products that are about to be launched to the general public. We've got some insights on the interesting new tools that UiPath's platform will implement to help companies improve employee satisfaction, motivation, and efficiency by eliminating mundane activities from their workdays.

Automation Cloud Migration Tool

Customers transitioning from On-Premise to Automation Cloud need an easy method to mass-migrate their Orchestrator data (packages, processes, queues, triggers, and so on) without having to start over in the Cloud. This migration must be performed in a smooth manner for these customers.

Customers will receive an integrated tool from UiPath that will replicate data from an existing On-Premise Orchestrator into the customer's Automation Cloud organization. This allows the consumer to seamlessly migrate their entire automations and configuration to the cloud.


The new Automation Cloud Migration Platform is a self-service.exe desktop application that customers can import and use on their own. The customer will bind to an On-Premise Orchestrator tenant, export a copy of Orchestrator entities, and then import them into a Cloud Orchestrator tenant using Orchestrator APIs. To use the tool, you don't need any programming, command-line, or developer experience.

There is no downtime or inconvenience for On-Premise tenants with this tool. Only entities exposed via API are included in the scope, with a few exceptions (Task Catalog, Webhooks, Queue Items, Users). A subset of these agent classes cannot be selected by the customer. Migrating historical evidence, such as work logs or processed queue objects, is not included in the scope (transactions).

Other New And Exciting Features

Document Understanding 21.4

UiPath.IntelligentOCR is the most recent edition of the Document Understanding kit. Activities also support Field Level Anchor Settings, which gives you more freedom when determining the shape extraction rules.

For the same document form, you can create as many models as you want. There will be multiple page-level templates, multiple anchors for the same area, and even a template with both page and field level anchors.

UiPath AI Center's New Feature
The opportunity to publicly display ML Skills & Datasets as a URL has been launched, which has been a long-awaited feature. This functionality allows you to deploy ML Skills and constantly improve them on AI Center in the Automation Cloud without having to switch from the current on-premises Orchestrator, as well as outside of Robots (e.g. add them to your UiPath Apps or even use them within a 3rd party application).
Task Capture 2021.4

UiPath has introduced several changes to enhance the app's user experience, address key pain points, and add additional features to make document processes quicker and simpler.
Task Capture is more integrated than ever with the UiPath platform, the product will now be more intuitive, with an improved user interface, an upgraded starting experience, and much more.

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