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UiPath & Oracle: Supercharge Productivity & Digital Innovation

Technology has always been about enhancing human productivity, the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has provided organizations a leap forward that has impacted 75% of the global productivity growth, with +50% of mundane work automated to date, employee satisfaction is rising, and 60 million jobs were created through automation.

Global organizations that have adopted RPA have seen significant productivity benefits immediately for almost every software robot deployed. However, productivity gain is not seen as a leeway to cut costs. Business leaders have witnessed their business outcomes realized in speed to revenue, superior customer experience, lower compliance costs and a more empowered workforce, doing higher value tasks and making better business decisions by digitizing partially or fully a low value manual process.

How Oracle users can leverage RPA

RPA technologies enable a fully integrated enterprise software ecosystem, automating transactions across your ERP, CRM, CMS, BPM, as well as other cloud and legacy systems that comprise your overall enterprise technology stack.

Oracle solutions are virtually ubiquitous across organizations from all verticals, and Oracle has chosen to partner exclusively with the world’s leading RPA software vendor, UiPath to complement its process automation capabilities in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and Oracle Process Cloud to drive business agility, breakthrough legacy complexity, enable scalable digital operations, and pave the way to AI.

Robotic Service Orchestration with OIC & UiPath

With the UiPath Oracle Edition, you can design, manage and scale your digital workforce by orchestrating human and robotic interactions with end-to-end visibility and 100% accuracy.

With Oracle Process Cloud, it kicks off triggers based on the next best action to start off different robots to take different actions by automating a process end-to-end. Then using the data compile to allow process experts and data scientists to begin to understand business impacts, process impacts and customer service impacts on top of the process data.

JOLT Your Digital Transformation with Experts in RPA & Oracle

At JOLT Advantage Group, our experts are not only experienced in Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation, our holistic approach on digital transformation comes with years of experience servicing ERP and Cloud technologies and an extensive background in Oracle solutions.

  • A trusted partner of UiPath & Oracle
  • Certified experts in Intelligent Automation & IT Transformation
  • Veterans in Optimizing Oracle solutions
  • 360° End-To-End Automation Services

Empower your users to generate impactful business outcomes with the best in class enterprise technologies, contact us to give your oracle investment a jolt towards true digital intelligent transformation.


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