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UiPath 21.4 Release Highlights

UiPath's 21.4 release is here! Let's break down all the new exciting automation capabilities and enhancements announced by UiPath in the 21.4 Release Show.

Automation Ops

The need for governance is extremely important, in this new capability, UiPath makes it easier for the enterprise customers to take governance with an admin feature available in UiPath Automation Cloud: Automation Ops.

UiPath Automation Ops is a web-based unified framework for configuring and deploying governance policies for UiPath Studio and UiPath Assistant. Those governance policies have oversight over various functions and ensure that norms and rules are adhered to.

Each Studio profile like Studio Pro, Studio, and StudioX, as well as the Assistant, can have its own governance policies defined by Automation Ops. If your company already uses Studio's file-based governance model, you can move your policy to Automation Ops by creating files in Studio and uploading them there. Policy deployment may be done at the tenant, group, or user level, or some combination of these. Depending on the software versions built in your enterprise, you can upgrade or downgrade the regulation design.

Some of the main features of Automation Ops include:

  • In the Studio package manager, you can choose which package sources are available.
  • Workflow Analyzer rules may be used to enforce operational planning requirements, such as determining which programs and URLs users are allowed to automate.
  • Set Studio architecture and location restrictions such that projects must undergo process review before they can be run or written.
  • In UiPath Assistant, you can control who has access to which widgets.


Task-Mining | AI-Powered Automation Discovery

The AI-powered UiPath Platform facilitates the exploration of automation possibilities that have the greatest effect on key market metrics. 21.4 introduces a new Task Mining tool that employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to determine the most common task trends from data and identify routine tasks that can be streamlined without disrupting employees' jobs. On the other hand, advanced process mining tools can now be integrated with Automation Hub, allowing users to find and apply automations that increase operating efficiency and help them meet their targets faster.

UiPath Task Mining detects and aggregates employee workflows automatically, and uses artificial intelligence to classify routine activities with high automation potential. You'll understand how work is completed, as well as how to automate and speed up bot growth. You can safely collect and compile accurate process data—including steps and implementation time—without interrupting employees' work with centralized control from the admin portal. Advanced machine learning (ML) models extract common activity patterns from large amounts of data. Then they look for repeatable tasks that can be automated. Only enabled applications are captured by Task Mining. Data is encrypted during upload and conversion, and the privacy policy allows for compliant decisions. 

Expanded UiPath Automation Cloud Capabilities

Customers will have more ways to transition, create, maintain, and quantify enterprise-scale automation in the cloud with the 21.4 update, which includes several additional services, software, and capabilities. Customers don't need to worry about infrastructure or management because UiPath Automation Cloud software robotics have unattended robot capability as required. In addition, UiPath Insights' computational ability is also accessible in the Automation Cloud, allowing users to see everything from software robot output to automation ROI around the enterprise.

Automation Cloud's UiPath services allow you to scale your capabilities without having to extend your infrastructure. Get the flexibility of SaaS to on-premise robot options, all controlled and regulated from the Automation Cloud via browser, Orchestrator mobile, or API.

Find out more about the UiPath Cloud Migration Tool here.

Improvements for all types of users

With UiPath 21.4, all users, from non-technical and technical developers to those who help or implicitly interact with automation, such as IT, data scientists, and the center of excellence team, can now get a better user experience. Business users will adopt automations more quickly and as a result of the more engaging experience, support desk calls will decrease.

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