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The Robots Have Arrived! Are You Taking Advantage?

Digital innovation is at the center of every organization's key focus. In order to stay ahead or even on a pair of the competition, business leaders are in constant pursuit of solutions that will help them do more with less.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software can boost the productivity and business outcomes of countless business operations spanning from back-office to mid-office and front-office processes, including Finance & Accounting, HR, IT services, Customer Service, Compliance, Supply Chain and more functions.

With the 4th industrial revolution well underway, robots have already arrived in the workplace, but before you start picturing the dawn of 'Skynet rising' rest assure the RPA bots are not going to be summoning 'The Terminator'. They are robots in the form of computer software that will help you type in all that purchase order data you take hours to manually enter in the system, or to extract all the data from hundreds of emails you go through to generate a report. 

Gartner describes RPA as tools that provide task automation via scripts that re-create the actions of a person interacting with systems, mostly using an application user interface. These software robots work fast, accurately, and take no coffee breaks in between, better yet, they can do all the boring and repetitive activities that your human employees hate to do every day.

Besides enhancing business agility and customer experience, Robotic process automation tools can also help organizations build their road to Intelligent Automation by organizing both structure and unstructured data, and generating data lakes that will lay the ground for future AI and Machine Learning technologies.

By 2019, RPA is predicted to enjoy a rapid adoption in organizations of all sizes and verticals. It has already become a staple in most enterprise-level organizations to drive operational efficiency and speed up innovation, and small and mid-level enterprises are closely following the same trends and reaping its cost-efficiency benefits.

However, there is still plenty of mistrust, fear and misconceptions surrounding emerging technologies such as RPA, thus preventing organizations to grow and innovate. Which is why awareness generation and education among business executives and key stakeholders is the first step towards true digital transformation.

In order to help share awareness of RPA and lower the barriers of entry, we are hosting a live webinar this February 14th 11AM PT/ 2PM ET, titled 'The Robots Have Arrived, Are You Taking Advantage?', where our RPA specialist and long time automation evangelist Jeremy Gilliland will present a thorough introduction to RPA, including market trends, key concepts, common challenges, benefits, tips to get started and scale rapidly, and demo a few use cases to show the broad applicability of RPA in diverse job functions and industries. [Cant't make it to the live broadcast? Sign up anyway and we will send you a copy of our webinar recording and presentation deck after the live event!]

Here at JOLT Advantage Group, our goal is to democratize RPA and help organizations of all sizes do more with less. In today's highly digitized world, businesses that fall behind technology innovations risk losing enormous ground to their competitors. Our experience will help enterprises to establish a clear vision of RPA as well as a well-designed roadmap to intelligent automation, so our customers can harvest the benefits of automation, and secure long-term growth and sustainability in every step of their digital transformation journey.

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