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The Results Are In for the Forrester Wave: RPA, Q4 2019

In Forrester's 25-criterion evaluation of robotic process automation (RPA) providers, they identified the 15 most significant vendors including: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, EdgeVerve, Kofax, Kryon, NICE, Pegasystems, SAP, UiPath, and WorkFusion which included thorough research and analysis of numerous criteria including bot development/core UI/desktop functions, application control, RPA/AI platform integrations, product roadmap and differentiation, and innovation/market approach/access to capital, among many others.

Picking up from their 2018 Forrester Wave™ evaluation , Forrester found that RPA software suites have embraced AI to become intelligent process automation platforms. In order to enable customers to go beyond automation for isolated tasks and extend it to broader use cases adding AI components such as text analytics, conversational intelligence, and ML based decision management, which in turn has elevated the importance of features such as process discovery analytics, the ability to scale beyond a small number of production robots, central orchestration, and platform openness.

Forrester recommends RPA customers to evaluate providers on their:

  • Scale experience, capability, and pricing based on digital work performance. Enterprises view RPA as an important first step to more-transformative automations. Automation centers, or strike teams, are forming to gain control of RPA point solutions and create innovation cells in the business. RPA platforms support the journey with central management to connect diverse automations, multitenant solutions that support shared services, and pricing models and orchestration that make robots more efficient.
  • Analytics and platform openness. RPA's success at task automation is beyond question. The story on RPA plus AI, by contrast, is still developing. Progress was strongest this year for natural language understanding for incoming documents and email. But the ability to create smarter digital workers that can handle task variation (exceptions) or productive linkage with conversational intelligence is, so far, unproven. AI frameworks; integration points that are well organized, centralized, and modern; and a robust partner ecosystem will be essential.
  • Proven desktop analytics and process assessment. With the help of machine learning, human input and output provide a data set that can identify candidate tasks for automation. The data set is more powerful when combined with event logs from the applications that bots are acting against — a broader process view can then emerge.
  • Human-in-the-loop support. Today, attended-mode RPA tools can design human-to-robot communication. This interaction is currently a simple call and response (i.e., no text or voice support), and only professional bot programmers are building it. Leading platforms are more advanced. They're building low-code designer interfaces for rapid design in the business and new UI environments for full employee robot control.


The Forrester Wave evaluation highlights Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers. And we're proud that our partner UiPath, has been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q4 2019, achieving the highest possible scores in the Strategy and Market Presence categories, and the highest position of all evaluated vendors in the Current Offering category.


Source: Forrester Research, Inc

According to Forrester, "UiPath sits in the cockpit of the RPA rocket ship. UiPath's financial backing and savvy development and marketing make it hard to bet against. Now headquartered in New York and with 3,000 employees, it will close 2019 with a total investment of $500 million after a Series D round and a valuation now at $7 billion. Reference customers believe that UiPath is handling its growth spurt in a well-organized fashion as it attempts to cover today's and tomorrow's rich RPA frontier. This year, it's released a revamped robot community, an AI integration fabric, a native Microsoft Azure software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, a mobile interface for Orchestrater, a process-discovery collaboration tool that starts with employee crowdsourcing, and an embedded text analytics tool with a preconfigured model for invoice processes.

References like UiPath's open approach and innovation culture. Enterprise developers who want a Windows-oriented environment will be comfortable; in 2019, UiPath became the open source custodian for Windows Workflow Foundation. This gives UiPath more control of the design environment to improve debugging tools and help develop StudioX, the new citizen developer UI, to enhance the existing design studio. Reviews cite UiPath's openness through well-organized and centralized RESTful APIs that incorporate Swagger and provide granular access to Orchestrater features. The new AI fabric adds the ability to ingest and orchestrate external AI building blocks. References report that UiPath will go the extra mile to meet a client's need. They also applaud the low cost of getting started, well-organized partner channel, overall product stability, and strong security. They'd like to see a richer set of orchestration features, such as the ability to see the entire robot farm from a single point with utilization data, a thin client for robot design, a better licensing model for attended bots, and a cleaner upgrade process. Enterprises looking for shared services at scale and heading for Microsoft's Azure cloud are easy targets for this innovative and well-financed company."

With this report, Forrester has rectified what other industry analysts have concluded, UiPath is leading the wave for RPA innovation and is focused on the developing needs of automation customers in areas such as intelligent automation, process mining and discovery, and support for attended robots. With a robust strategy for future platform developments.


JOLT was the recipient to UiPath's Partner of The Year Award 2019, and as an experienced Intelligent Automation services provider, we are proud to be partners with the world's leading RPA software company, their technology, their culture, and most importantly their vision inspires us everyday to provide the best in class solutions for our clients to build a sustainable digital transformation.

To learn more about The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q4 2019, read the full report here.

Click here to request a product demo of UiPath's RPA platform and contact us to learn how we can help you get started with your RPA software implementation.

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