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The Forrester Wave: Robotic Process Automation, Q1 2021

Not all RPA vendors are the same, which is why independent analyst reports are important in assessing the industry's top vendors. For Q1 2021, Forrester's 25-criterion evaluation of robotic process automation (RPA) providers, they identified the 14 most significant vendors, including Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Cyclone Robotics, Datamatics, EdgeVerve, Hyland, Kofax, Kryon, Microsoft, NICE, Pegasystems, SAP, UiPath, and WorkFusion. For their most recent report, Forrester thoroughly researched and analyzed RPA vendors by bot design and development; bot deployment, management, and analytics; bot governance, platform model, and security; and supporting products and services.

The crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic brought changes to the way organizations work and carry out business processes, forcing digital transformation and process digitization for many companies that needed to adapt to remote working and a new normal for daily operations. For the early months of 2021, Forrester has found that organizations want to secure and leverage their existing RPA investments by expanding their current automation environment and scope and going beyond average desktop-based tasks and tackling more complex business processes.

Today, business users seek appealing, scalable RPA solutions so their organizations can get their crisis-damaged processes back on track as fast as possible. To respond to this need from business users, RPA vendors have been integrating tasks and process mining capabilities into their platforms, along with advanced ROI and portfolio analysis tools and AI-infused analytics and processing. Vendors are offering these new features and flexible pricing models to suit many organizations' current financial situation.

For this new trend, Forrester recommends customers evaluate RPA vendors that:

  • Deliver broad and rich experiences for business leaders. As subject matter experts (SMEs) and business process owners tap into automation, these users should seek RPA platforms that serve them on the same level as they do professional developers. Identification and prioritization of automation candidates using process mining and analytics features are equally important, as are easy-to-use bot design, deployment, and management functionalities. Bot stores greatly enhance automation adoption while supporting adherence to a company's automation governance framework.
  • Empower a superior scaling experience. Today, business users seek free trials, pay-as-you-consume, pay-by ROI models, and lower RPA entry barriers for beginners to get started on their RPA journey. Both RPA beginners and advanced users will benefit from various architecture and hosting options, from fully on-premises to cloud-native software as a service (SaaS).
  • Integrate RPA-adjacent automation technologies. Forrester has been observing the ongoing convergence in the automation software sector in recent years. Leading RPA vendors influence the automation software market's evolution by either acquiring or building automation technologies that augment their RPA pure-play solutions. Some examples of these integrations are the automation of operations processes that require connecting to IoT ecosystems, the AI-infused decision-making tools that automate processes in the banking and insurance industry, and the digital assistants that offer an additional channel to the RPA platform.

UiPath is once again the clear leader riding the Wave for Robotic Process Automation during Q1 2021.

The Forrester Wave evaluation highlights Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers. Once again, we are proud to see our partner UiPath named a Leader achieving the highest rank in three categories: Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence.

Forrester Wave Q1 - 2021

Source: Forrester Research, Inc

According to Forrester, "UiPath offers an enterprise-grade and innovative RPA solution augmented by a large ecosystem of partners, making it a good fit for large, global enterprises with demanding needs for support and governance."

Top competitors like Automation Anywhere, NICE and Kryon are falling behind on strategy and offerings, while historically leading competitors such as BluePrism are moving away from the leaders bracket due to weak strategy. Focusing on expansion, UiPath continues to increase its market share around the globe. The company has invested heavily in growing its range of products to maximize automation's value for its customers. Recently, UiPath launched Automation Cloud, which oversees a hybrid of public cloud and on-prem infrastructure, and with Automation Hub, the company offers a platform for automation Centers of Excellence (CoE). Furthermore, in 2020, the company transitioned its licensing model to a persona-based one, creating a bundle of all the products RPA users could need into a single offering. Along with the licensing model switch, UiPath developed flexible "all you can eat" models that are designed to offer organizations the benefits of early automation scaling.

Additionally, UiPath's RPA platform offers process mining features, collaborative discovery, assessment tools, and graphical visualizations that provide organizations with all the data they need to analyze and track automation ROI and its realization. With StudioX and Studio, UiPath satisfies the needs of users that lack programming knowledge and advanced developers. The company is expanding its UiPath Marketplace in conjunction with its partners - Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday, and others - to continue to offer 1,000+ reusable components so organizations can create resilient and scalable automation workflows.

This new report by Forrester reaffirms the leadership of UiPath in the RPA market. The company continues to focus on RPA innovation, expanding its automation platform features, and delivering flexible solutions to organizations in a post-COVID19 business scenario.


JOLT is a UiPath Gold Partner and UiPath Certified Professional Services Partner. We are an experienced pure-play RPA and Intelligent Automation services provider. We strive every day to provide the best in class solutions for our clients to build a sustainable digital transformation.

To learn more about The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q1 2021, read the full report here.

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