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RPA, Man's New Best Friend

In the book Our Final Invention by James Barrat a picture is painted of what could happen when artificial general intelligence surpasses human intelligence without the proper controls in place. The doom and gloom aspect is portrayed and the seeds of Terminator are planted, but what about RPA – our loyal and trusted companion? If AI is poised to be our machine based overlords in the decades to come, does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) become man’s new best friend?


RPA does exactly what we configure it to do – our helpful task master. RPA can do nothing more and nothing less. We get intelligent automation if we couple RPA with advanced technologies that allow us to replicate the ability to see, say and learn. We design RPA to keep a human in the loop for needed validation or approval, and we plan exception and error handling using our logic chain to mitigate certain problems that might arise along the way. These solutions evolve as we process more and more transactions over time and enhance for one-offs and changes in the process we’re automating.


I write this as my 3 year old border collie stares at me because she knows it’s time to go for our morning walk before our day truly begins. That stare is my queue, trigger, alert or event to get up and do what training has taught her and what habit has programmed me to do. It took time, trial and error and multiple transactions for my dog and I to arrive at this current configuration. After her walk, she’ll settle down to stare out the windows and bark at anything that moves. She protects me and guards my home through her actions while I work.


RPA is a centralized platform based automation solution that can be configured through human process/habit and procedure. We can factor in descriptive analytics, optical character recognition, natural language processing and machine learning to advance RPA to provide protection within an organization and drive impact. RPA still provides action when called on and let’s us know when something along the way isn’t right. This is machine to machine processing at its best.


I first got my dog as a 4 month old puppy. She was prone to unpredictable urination, constant cuddling and difficulty sleeping through the night. I was able to get her on a schedule and reinforce her environment to remove the scary stuff and stabilize her sleeping habits. This took training, patience and time. As she grew, she learned more tricks and established her routine. Then, my training began and we mostly stick to her daily schedule now.


With RPA, we can enhance those previous factors above into complex algorithms, computer vision, intent detection and classification, and deep learning. At this point, we’re moving towards narrow artificial intelligence. The technology solution is now working in a machine to human fashion. RPA is still there, in the background performing the tasks we require, loyal and friendly, with a few tricks added along the way. We’re still needed for planning, strategy and problem solving, and now we’re working with the solution as it further evolves over time.


My dog has now amassed my morning pile of favorite toys at the base of my chair. There’s a ball, a monkey, a pull toy and a stuffed bear today. She’s using reinforcement learning to push me to make the right decision based on our routine. Just like RPA, I know that it’s time to go for a walk, and that’s what I have to do – nothing more, nothing less. As I’m now conditioned to support my dog as our relationship has grown as RPA can evolve into an AI solution, I wonder how we’ll be able to give back to our automation as they enhance our work like our current “man’s best friend” does in our households.


Maybe we should deploy additional RPA to keep the solution happy, busy and healthy. A scratch behind the ears won’t work with RPA.




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