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JOLT announces partnership with UiPath and acquisition of Everpace

TAMPA, FL., Jan 10th, 2019/ -- JOLT Advantage Group, a leading North American IT consulting firm, specialized in Intelligent Automation, Business Transformation and Performance, announced today its partnership with UiPath, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, to join forces to democratize RPA and help organizations attain long term success with end-to-end support on their digital transformation journey.

JOLT recently completed a large assets acquisition from Everpace, a pure-play, purpose-built RPA boutique firm, that carried a vast amount of custom process automation frameworks, deployment accelerators, and unique RPA operational models to strengthen JOLT’s existing intelligent automation portfolio with a scalable automation design across multiple verticals, including healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, and other industries.

Through it’s acquisition of Everpace, JOLT on-boarded numerous RPA specialized veterans that were among the first experts to join the RPA revolution almost a decade ago. These experts together have achieved over $150 million dollars in savings as a result of successful RPA projects delivered over the past three years.

In 2019, UiPath and JOLT will join forces to raise the awareness of RPA’s potential benefits across all industries, by delivering a national RPA workshop roadshow calledTake Home a Robot that focuses on educating business and IT executives on the RPA solution and how to start with zero-dollar investment. These sessions will involve hands-on interactive exercises that will demonstrate the ease of use and wide applicability of RPA, which will not only include work-related use cases, but also design digital assistants that participants can take home to ease the chore of daily routine tasks. The workshops will be delivered across the country, starting with the first workshop in San Antonio, TX, as part of the QUEST/OAUG Collaborate 2019 Oracle user group conference.

Another unique RPA accelerator JOLT provides is their PULSE-CHECK workshop that is designed to help revive unsuccessful RPA adoption programs with a one-day workshop that takes a deep dive into the organization’s existing RPA design and implementation to deliver optimization assessments coupled with a strategic plan to deliver change management and ROI driven business results.

JOLT’s current comprehensive intelligent automation portfolio is equipped with the world’s leading RPA software platform, purpose-built automation frameworks, intelligent transformation accelerators, custom change management strategy, and highly experienced automation talent. This combination promises to lead the way for the 4th industrial revolution on workforce digitization and superior business outcomes.

Learn more about JOLT's Intelligent and Robotic Process Automation services here.

Link to our PR Newswire article: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jolt-advantage-group-announces-partnership-with-uipath-and-acquisition-of-everpace-to-solidify-their-robotic-process-automation-rpa-service-offerings-300778310.html