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Now you can control UiPath's Orchestrator via your mobile device

Our Robotic Process Automation software partner, UiPath has launched a mobile app for it's Orchestrator (also known as control room in other platforms), becoming the first RPA vendor to make this option available to RPA platform clients.The UiPath Orchestrator Mobile is the first mobile app that allows users to securely monitor their RPA environment from anywhere at any time. Now users can receive alerts in real-time on the performance of their robots with their mobile dashboard. Facilitating the tracking of robots, processes, and schedules on the go, without ever missing an alert.

Thomas Canter, Global Program Manager Lead at UiPath announced the Beta version of the UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App on the UiPath forum with the description below:UiPath Orchestrator Mobile is the first mobile app to allow you to securely monitor your RPA environment from anywhere at any time. Now you can receive alerts in real-time on the performance of your digital workforce. Get instant insight into the performance of your robots with at a glance dashboard. Easily track your robots, jobs and schedules on the go and never miss an alert again.

To use UiPath Orchestrator Mobile you must:

  • Be running UiPath Orchestrator version 18.1.x or higher.
  • Have an existing account on an Orchestrator Instance.
  • Supported with iOS version 11.0 and higher OR Android version 5.0 and higher.
  • English is supported only at this time.
  • Optimized UI experience on Smart Phone.

UiPath Orchestrator Mobile delivers:

  • Instant alerts on the status of your automation health and RPA system state for faster response.
  • Filtering and search of alerts by severity, message, component, and time leads to easy access of detailed information.
  • Visual and easy to understand dashboards and charts providing performance insights.
  • Visibility into job and robot status.
  • Drill down data including type, status and logs for robots, machines, jobs, and schedules.
  • Graphical view of license usage for better license management.
The following information was also provided:
  • Terms & Conditions – To review the terms and conditions statement for this program, click HERE
  • Installing UiPath Orchestrator Mobile for iPhone, click HERE 13
  • Installing UiPath Orchestrator Mobile for Android, click HERE 26
  • Report issues or feedback for the UiPath Orchestrator Mobile HERE 7

Click on the App Store Download links:
Google Play 34
Apple App Store 23

JOLT is proud to be a partner of world's leading RPA software innovator, and we believe this will take us a step closer to democratizing RPA and digital transformation success. Contact us if you need assistance in your RPA initiative, or request a free trial of UiPath here.