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JOLT is Awarded State of California CMAS Contract

TAMPA, Fla., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- JOLT Advantage Group, a leading pure-play Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services provider in North America, announced today that it had been awarded the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract by the State of California's Department of General Services. The integration with CMAS will allow JOLT to market and sell RPA services and solutions to California's state and local governments.

With challenges like budget constraints, rising public expectations, increased fraud, cybersecurity threats, and an aging workforce, the need for a modernized government has never been more relevant. Continuing to invest in technology will help the state achieve the goals outlined in the California Technology Strategic Plan, Vision 2023, which include improving public services to be easily accessible, fast, and dependable, and building a digital government more quickly and more effectively by making common technology available to use and share across the government.


For the past three years, RPA has been recognized by Gartner as the fastest-growing enterprise software market, with 93% of organizations surveyed by The Economist saying that automation kickstarts digital transformation. With RPA high in the list of guidance on the president's budget and prioritization list for shifting from low-value to higher-value work, many government agencies across cities, counties, states, and federal agencies in the US have already adopted RPA, helping governments gain efficiency, accuracy, and speed in tasks that tend to be repetitive, prone to human error and easily handled by automation/RPA.

JOLT has broad expertise in delivering RPA and intelligent automation services in the public and private sector, and its main technology partner, UiPath, has been recognized by top market analysts including Forrest, Gartner, Everest, and HsF as the undisputed leader in the RPA software market and holds the largest market share across the public sector. JOLT's CMAS contract will provide state and local government agencies in California with a streamlined process for accessing the products and services from JOLT and its strategic partners at competitive prices.

Jim Walker, Chief Technology Officer and Evangelist for Public Sector at UiPath said:

The tremendous backlog of work and demands on public offices has never been more significant in California. Automation First leaders in the state now have a vehicle to use RPA technology coupled with services from the world-class team at JOLT. I cannot praise the JOLT leadership and their team enough. They deliver what they promise and exceed my expectations every time we work together. With this CMAS announcement and JOLT, California can take the friction out of citizen services and provide incredible value to the state. 

Paul Freudenberg, Chairman of the board at JOLT, said:

As a longtime resident of California, I have witnessed firsthand the need for modernization of government services in my local community, especially after COVID reminded us of how important it is to have a robust public service offering during times of crisis. JOLT has already demonstrated the positive impact of implementing RPA across business communities, and I can not wait to see the transformation we can bring to the State of California by helping them tackle complex problems with automation technologies.

About JOLT Advantage Group:

At JOLT, we free humans of the robotic work they hate, allowing them to be more strategic, analytical, creative, and truly happy. Our 360° RPA & Intelligent Automation solutions drive operational efficiency, optimize customer experience, and maximize employee satisfaction while helping our clients achieve real digital transformation success. JOLT's comprehensive Intelligent Automation portfolio is equipped with the world's leading RPA software platform, purpose-built automation frameworks, intelligent transformation accelerators, custom change management strategy, and highly experienced automation veterans.