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How To Build a Scalable Digital Workforce with UiPath & Oracle

If you're time is spent in entering data and operating transactions across a multiplex of enterprise systems like Oracle, homegrown legacy systems, and modern cloud applications, you're not alone. Most corporate employees spend a significant amount of time in the day performing manual, repetitive and mundane tasks like data entry and creating reports.   

Technology has always been about enhancing human productivity, the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has provided organizations a leap forward that has impacted 75% of the global productivity growth, with +50% of mundane work automated to date, employee satisfaction is rising, and 60 million jobs were created through automation.

In this blog, we present how RPA has evolved to become one of the most impactful technologies in business transformation, and how you can leverage RPA to automate tasks across Oracle applications as well as all of your other enterprise software, and how you can integrate legacy and non-API applications with modern Onprem and Cloud applications using the UiPath adaptor within Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) platform.

The Evolution of Process Automation

The evolution of process automation

What is RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) technologies allow organizations to automate repetitive and mundane tasks that happens daily as part of the main back-office or front-office operations. 

What is RPA-1

It also enables a fully integrated enterprise software ecosystem, automating transactions across your ERP, CRM, CMS, BPM, as well as other cloud and legacy systems that comprise your overall enterprise technology stack, solving the integration problem with legacy software that does not have API components. 

Process automation across legacy and modern systems


Key benefits from RPA 

There are numerous business and technical benefits that can be realized by implementing RPA, including 24/7 productivity, enhanced employee satisfaction, customer experience and more.

key benefits

What is UiPath

When it comes to evaluating an RPA vendor, there are lots of criteria that can be used to select the right RPA platform for your organization. As an experienced system integrator, we chose strategically to partner with UiPath, the undisputed leading RPA software vendor in the world, due to their super easy to use low-to-no-code interface, ability to scale, product support and user community.

UiPath’s story is truly remarkable. They are now the fastest growing software company in history, with over 1800 customers, 2000 employees and a $3B valuation that is projected to skyrocket as they look for another investment round to further strengthen their technology and partner network. Plus as of now, they are the only one currently certified for Oracle apps.


UiPath platform

Enable an ecosystem of connected technologies 

If your organization operates a myriad of on-premise ERP solutions like Oracle, homegrown legacy systems, and modern cloud applications, RPA can help boost your workforce productivity and alleviate your legacy complexity. 

UiPath's technology partnership network has created a growing ecosystem of best-of-breed capabilities that integrates seamlessly with most corporate technologies, enabling true interoperability in the modern enterprise. 

UiPath technology network

Why is it relevant to Oracle users?

Oracle solutions are virtually ubiquitous across organizations from all verticals, and Oracle has chosen to partner exclusively with UiPath to complement its process automation capabilities in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and Oracle Process Cloud to drive business agility, breakthrough legacy complexity, enable scalable digital operations, and pave the way to AI.

Enhancing ERP implementation and upgrade efficiency

RPA can pull data from different planning/reporting systems, and based on some rules and triggers, AI could kick in for predictive analytics along with Object Character Recognition (OCR) which both compliments RPA technologies. Coupled with pattern recognition (when its advanced enough), it can allow RPA to understand pattern and rules and generate a robust data lake for future AI adoption. 
The configuration process of a traditional ERP project such as using different instances (Dev, Test, etc), changes, upgrades, data entry, errors detection, etc are all very time consuming processes. For example, to install iProcurement, human workers typically need to set up catalog, requisitions, and other configuration steps that would have taken around a total of 40 hours. Using UiPath organizations can decrease that effort to just under 2 hours, that's a 95% reduction of manual effort that the worker can re-allocate to doing a more strategic process. Moving data from instance to instance, the reduction in time, effort, and error margin is very clear.
General entry to Webcenter/ADI and any changes made generates a need for re-testing, and the same process would need to be replicated in every country if the organization has a global footprint. Needless to say these are all highly time consuming tasks, using RPA to do these configuration processes will make a big difference. 

Robotic Service Orchestration with OIC & UiPath

With the UiPath Oracle Edition, you can design, manage and scale your digital workforce by orchestrating human and robotic interactions with end-to-end visibility and 100% accuracy.

With Oracle Process Cloud, it kicks off triggers based on the next best action to start off different robots to take different actions by automating a process end-to-end. Then using the data compile to allow process experts and data scientists to begin to understand business impacts, process impacts and customer service impacts on top of the process data.

Uipath Oracle edition

End-to-End Automation with OIC & UiPath

Oracle Integration Cloud provides an integrated platform to execute human driven processes with UiPath robots with 100% accuracy. The low-code solution enables a fast delivery of workflow applications in a fraction of traditional solutions. 

Organizations can deploy UiPath robots across Oracle On-Premise, Cloud and desktop solutions, and monitor end-to-end process transactions in real-time.

End-to-End Automation with OIC & UiPath

JOLT Your Digital Transformation with Experts in UiPath & Oracle

At JOLT Advantage Group, our experts are not only experienced in Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation, our holistic approach on digital transformation comes with years of experience servicing ERP and Cloud technologies and an extensive background in Oracle solutions.

Empower your users to generate impactful business outcomes with the best in class enterprise technologies, contact us today to give your Oracle investment a jolt towards true digital intelligent transformation.


Interested in learning more about how RPA can help transform your business or how to automate your manual tasks in Oracle systems to boost your productivity? Watch our webinar on-demand "Supercharge Oracle with Robotic Process Automation To Skyrocket Digital Transformation Resultsand learn how you can leverage Oracle & UiPath to skyrocket your digital transformation results.