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How RPA Can Help Businesses Re-open Safely Post-COVID Lockdown

As the Coronavirus lock-down restrictions begin to loosen across the world and businesses in different regions start preparing for a phased re-opening, the rules for a safe reentry will be key to keep workers and customers safe.

The New Yorker suggested in this recent article, that the place businesses should be looking for answers on a safety reopening protocol and minimize virus spread must be the hospitals. They have implemented a rigorous approach on keeping track of employees health, requiring workers to log on and confirm that they don’t have symptoms, as a condition of entering the office each day.

Although logical, such protocol is not a small task, and depending on the size of the company, it might require significant manual and administrative labor to monitor and keep track of all workers' health in real-time, day by day. 

Government agencies and large organizations have realized the usability of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help monitor staff health and maintain business continuity. Below, we highlight some of the success stories that our partner UiPath has gathered. 

Real-life case studies from UiPath

Tracking Employee Health across a widely distributed workforce

The UiPath team created an attended robot to help employers streamline the screening process by distributing a simple health survey through popular channels (WeChat, Slack, etc.). The robot then aggregates the data into a report and distributes the report to HR for review.

The public can leverage this prebuilt 'Health Screening Bot" by downloading it at the UiPath marketplace. Or contact JOLT for help in implementing such automation process. 

Government organizations need to monitor staff health and keep operating

Government agencies have even more work to do during today’s pandemic. Monitoring all staff members and determining if they’re healthy enough to work from the office, or are better to work from home, creates a huge unprecedented daily overhead.

Now, some government agencies would use UiPath to send out a daily health survey with questions like ‘is your body temperature normal or above 38°C/98°F?’ as well as a weekly survey with questions on social distancing and travel.

The survey responses are reduced into a risk score that helps make the decision on whether a person can work from an office or not.

Health systems need an updated overview of the health of its workforce

Due to the high infection risk of COVID-19, a close monitoring of the health status of the front-line medical staff is needed. The health systems need to track symptoms, disease stages and other data for the ones infected with the virus, as well as keep track of the healthy employees and ensure their safety. The report needs to be updated in real time and must not add to the strain of the staff who are already working tirelessly.

To relieve the heavily manual efforts for healthcare workers, a UiPath bot was set up to keep track of the health status of the hospital’s employees. It logs details about employees who have been infected with COVID-19, the ones that need quarantine, and the ones that continue in good health.

This allows for an efficient distribution of resources and timely help for both the medical staff as well as for the patients.

Contact Tracing

A design for a contact tracing solution that respects privacy has been created using UiPath in New Zealand. Any business can register on a secure website to generate a QR code. The QR code then allows customers visiting the business to scan the code and register their presence. The system captures the customers' info—the minimum amount in order to secure privacy. After scanning it, an SMS is sent to the contact tracing team with the mobile number, plus date and time of the visit. The team can then verify the secure database of confirmed COVID-19 infected patients, and track the geolocations visited.

Benefits of using RPA to monitor and track employees' health 

  • Ensure staff health and safety
  • Visibility on staff location (remote vs. office based)
  • Reduce overhead cost & workload
  • Keep critical workers working
  • Reduce hospital backlogs
  • Improve efficiency 
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Updates provided in real time
  • Employee safety
  • Privacy compliant
  • Reduce email backlogs
  • Safe return of citizens to public places
  • Employee health safety
  • Scalability


Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage RPA to help automate the health monitoring of your employees and customers for a safe and swift return to normalcy. 

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