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How To Use UiPath Automation Hub To Drive Your Automation Journey

With the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market skyrocketing in recent years, UiPath has made sure to stay at the forefront of RPA innovation, consistently developing new tools and technologies to help organizations improve efficiency, drive down costs, and make work more inspiring.

An All-new Way For Organizations To Manage The Automation Lifecycle

To help companies to continuously expand their automation footprint and crowd source for the best automation ideas directly from the end-users, UiPath has recently launched the all-new Automation Hub (previously known as Enterprise Connect Hub), a tool that allows organizations discover, prioritize, and track automation ideas in one place.

UiPath's Automation Hub allows for the complete management of the automation lifecycle with instant transparency and control via a user-friendly, streamlined, and visually appealing interface.

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Task Capture

Automation Hub now comes with UiPath Task Capture, a process discovery tool to collect detailed insights about automation opportunities directly from the workforce. It allows organizations to transform the employees' knowledge into enterprise wisdom, enabling:

  • Collection of key process details right from the SMEs
  • Automatic capturing and documentation of automation candidates 
  • Customization of Process Definition Documents (PDDs) with notes, step by step descriptions and editable templates
  • Integration of functional and technical expertise from business users and RPA developers with one-click export to MS Word and UiPath Studio.

Key Benefits 

Automation Hub is designed for organizations to have a tool that allows the capturing of automation ideas from those who know the work best—the employees themselves, allowing the enterprise to drive automation opportunities that make a real difference, allowing for the right people to drive their enterprises' hyperautomation journey.

UiPath's Automation Hub delivers significant benefits for every organization's RPA journey.

Automation Hub benefits

Source: UiPath

In addition, business and IT leaders can evaluate their organization's RPA journey ROI and how RPA is genuinely transforming their enterprise.

Automation Hub UI 1

Source: UiPath

With Automation Hub, organizations can outline their path towards hyperautomation with these key features:

  • Prioritize automations and track their progress—from idea to production

  • Reward their employees for their automation ideas

  • Easily create Process Definition Documents (PDDs)

  • Keep all their automation artifacts in one place

  • Securely share automation components across the entire organization

  • Measure and prove the success of the entire RPA program

Watch a full demo of UiPath's Automation Hub here. Performed by JOLT's SVP of Operations, Brett Fraser.


JOLT is a specialized RPA services provider, we have helped enterprises drive organizational adoption, maximize RPA use cases, and stay ahead of their competitors on the hyperautomation journey.
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