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Boost Your Automation Program's ROI with UiPath Insights and Automation Hub

One of the most critical aspects of your digital transformation program is ROI. By prioritizing your workstreams, you can identify and document the business outcomes that your automation program is driving to continue to scale. Furthermore, there are plenty of advantages to be had through RPA.

How do you maximize the ROI of your automation program?

1. Efficient and Effective Planning

  • You need to be in sync with your company's needs.
  • Planning for the future and connecting yourself with that vision are both essential.

2. Strategic Prioritization

  • Determine which automation initiatives should be prioritized based on your organization's business priorities and identify processes that are prime for automation within those areas.

3. Aim for Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous improvement requires measurement. Take in as much information as possible and base your decisions upon that information.

The UiPath platform has two great tools that can help you maximize the ROI of your automation program: UiPath Automation Hub and UiPath Insights. Let's take a look at what each of these products offers.

UiPath Automation Hub

Automation Hub enables you to crowdsource ideas and target processes for automation from business users across the enterprise and offers an estimate of the potential ROI of such process improvements and automation ideas. Helping program leaders identify and prioritize their automation pipeline. Below are a number of key benefits we find valuable from the UiPath Automation Hub:

  • Democratize and scale your automation program with an internal community of idea contributors, citizen developers, and automation users.
  • Business users can instantly create Process Design Documents (PDDs) using the Task Capture to map out every step of the process they are submitting for automation.
  • Citizen developers may create and publish ready-to-use automations in the Automation Store.
  • Develop an evergreen automation program by including and rewarding top contributors.
  • Centrally manage your automation pipeline. From your own command center, you can see and oversee the whole production process, from concept to completion.
  • Focus on ideas with the highest automation assessment score for the greatest possible impact on the organization.



Automation program owners can find, prioritize and keep track of automation ideas using Automation Hub's all-in-one feature set.

Key Features

  • Pipeline Management: All of your company's automation plans displayed in one convenient dashboard. Allowing users to upvote automation ideas and help leaders identify and prioritize automation targets. 
  • Process & Documentation Bank: A centralized location for all documentation connected to a process that has been identified as a potential automaton candidate.
  • Task Capture: UiPath's process discovery tool - Task Capture is embedded within the Automation Hub to help business users capture the process and generate a PDD without the help from an RPA Business Analyst, the PDD can easily be imported into UiPath Studio for development. 
  • Automation Store: Create, upload, and search for reusable components across your existing automation library created by RPA developers and citizen developers in your organization. 
  • Gamified RPA Change Management: Designed to keep you and the organization motivated and engaged in the automation program. Using points, reward badges, and ranks, it focuses on the progress and accomplishments in the Gamified RPA implementation field.

UiPath Insights

UiPath Insights is an analytics platform that enables your organization to track, measure, and manage the performance of your entire automation program so you can calculate the business impact of your automations, including time and money saved​ and generate data to fuel the expansion goals of your automation program.

With the use of UiPath insights, organizations may evaluate the commercial and operational effectiveness of RPA.

  • Complete visibility to the performance of automations in production.
  • ROI dashboard to view the time and money saved with the automated processes.
  • Self-service custom RPA reporting to share results with key stakeholders across your organization.
  • Reduce errors, maximize usage, and improve the efficiency of your robots with an RPA analytics solution that scales with your automation program.
  • The Robots, Processes, Queues, Licensing, and Business ROI dashboards are available to all users by default. Widgets may be added to any dashboard to make it your own. Dashboards can also be saved as PDFs or images.


Using a combination of accessible business metrics and operational data, UiPath Insights delivers an Orchestrator-integrated platform for data modeling and analytics. 

You may find new analytical insights, monitor performance indicators, and be notified about exceptions or anomalies by using custom-designed dashboards to view corporate data across selected parameters. The Insights tool helps developers, analysts, and executives stay on the same page throughout the automation journey since it makes it easy to see the return on investment via analytical dashboards.

When designing automation, it is important to monitor key data points to make effective decisions. With the help of these solutions, you can capture the value of your automation program from beginning to end while continuously optimizing the ROI of your program. 


If you're ready to begin your RPA initiatives, we are here to help you take your first step to harvest automation results rapidly and effectively. Learn more about our Fast-Start program to assess your automation readiness and identify and develop the best process candidates for YOUR organization. No organization is the same; the automations they should implement should not be the same.

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