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Quick Migration of Automation Anywhere to UiPath with JOLT Translate

As organizations start to scale their automation footprint, questions regarding their RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform suitability may start to rise, and with it, the realization of the sizable switching costs. This is where the JOLT Translate comes into play.

But, what is the JOLT Translate?

The JOLT Translate is an easy-to-use product to translate legacy Automation Anywhere automations into a versatile more usable format in the UiPath platform. This capability is reliable and repeatable and will save organizations countless hours to get their automation program on the right track.

This tool avoids rebuilding automations from scratch, this drastically cuts costs associated with the efforts of switching RPA platforms.

Why should organizations use JOLT Translate?

Because switching to a more scalable community-supported RPA solution like UiPath can allow for an easier more streamlined scalability of RPA at an enterprise-wide level.

The JOLT Translate can save up to 2/3 of development time and accelerate by an average of 70% the speed to go live with less need for custom development.

How does it work?

The JOLT Translate provides a simple method to capture the inner workings of an Automation Anywhere bot and translate the function to the UiPath platform. For simple transactions, it only takes an avg of 35 seconds for the JOLT Translate to translate an Automation Anywhere bot to the UiPath framework for further enhancement and development.

The JOLT Translate also comes with easy-to-use functionality, robust reporting capabilities, and reliable scalability compatible with older versions of the tools.

Why make the switch from Automation Anywhere to UiPath?

As the leaders of the RPA market, both Automation Anywhere and UiPath have very strong offerings on their enterprise RPA technologies. However, trigger events such as upgrade cycles can cause organizations currently on Automation Anywhere to reconsider whether to pay for the cost of the upgrade to Automation Anywhere or upgrade to UiPath's full Hyperautomation suite, the cost of this upgrade can be actually comparable if removing the costs of transitioning existing automations (using JOLT Translate). Another trigger is the RPA consolidation needs when organizations with different RPA tools merge following an M&A event, the opportunity to consolidate their automation strategy into one single, robust RPA platform rises.  

The main reason we have seen our clients decide to migrate to UiPath has been the lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on licensing and maintenance & sustainability, a larger talent pool (2.5x more UiPath developers vs AA), a bigger community of resources, and an overall more robust hyperautomation platform.


With JOLT Translate, we aim to democratize RPA and help organizations scale their automation initiatives without losing their initial investment dollars, retain the development efforts from their legacy automation and attain long-term success with end-to-end support on their digital transformation journey.

To learn more, request a live demo of the JOLT Translate or Contact us now for a free assessment with our experts!