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Harvest the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Intelligent Automation to create shareholder value and free workers of the mundane and robotic work they hate, allowing them to be more strategic, analytical, creative, and truly happy.

Our goal is to democratize RPA by driving customer outcomes, bridging the talent gap via our educational initiatives, and supporting the path towards hyperautomation by building scalable digital workforces with cognitive technologies and proven process optimization frameworks.

RPA Turnkey Programs

No matter where your organization is with RPA, we have a program designed to make you successful

Fast Start


Fast start

The RPA Fast Start is a packaged solution for organizations that are net new to RPA and is looking to ensure value realization while setting up the foundation for long-term success.

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Ramp Up


Ramp Up

The RPA Ramp Up is for organizations who already identified and ranked their top 10 automation opportunities and is ready for JOLT to take over the development of these workflows and move them into a managed CoE and maintenance & support services.

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The hyperautomation package will provide end-to-end services that maps to all the different solutions in UiPath’s hyperautomation suite, for a full-blown, scalable enterprise automation program.

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Why use Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps organizations boost operational efficiency, reduce errors,
and unlock the data and value associated with their historical technology investments.
Leading to more satisfied customers, happier employees, and better revenue.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment and ROI

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Minimize Error

Minimize Error Incidents and Bottlenecks

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Maximize Accuracy

Maximize Accuracy and Speed

Better Experience

Better Customer Experience

Employee Satisfaction

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Ensure Audit Trails and Compliance

Ensure Audit Trails and Compliance

Start your RPA your journey with a solid step and maximize ROI with the help of JOLT

The 'JOLT' Advantage


RPA is in our DNA

The JOLT consulting team is comprised of certified and highly specialized RPA veterans with decades of experience in automation and digital transformation.



JOLT is one of the first partners to be certified as UiPath Service Network Partner (USN). Crediting our ability to deliver quality services on par with UiPath’s professional services. We were also awarded UiPath Global Innovation Partner of the Year 2019 for democratizing RPA and driving customer outcomes.

Flexible Cost Models

Flexible Cost Models

JOLT provides a diverse portfolio of services that can be delivered onshore or nearshore; everything from project staffing, strategic engagements/programs through white-glove managed services.

Blended Delivery

Blended Delivery

Our unique blended delivery approach ensures our clients work along with our consultants during the implementation phase so they can develop and retain RPA knowledge in-house in the long-term.

User Adoption


JOLT’s training and change management expertise will help build your internal RPA expertise from the ground up.

Platform Transition

Platform Transition

Our pioneering RPA conversion solution helps streamline the transition from one RPA platform to another without having to recreate the automations from scratch.

White Glove support

White Glove support

Our RPA managed services portfolio provides autonomic monitoring and multiple support tiers to care for your automations in production.

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The JOLT Hyperautomation Flywheel

Hyperautomation Flywheel

JOLT's hyperautomation service portfolio is designed to deliver a scalable end-to-end enterprise automation program. Our expertise in scaling agile delivery, assuring RPA impact, and ability in communicating to executive stakeholders, ensures our client organizations can realize maximum gains through a partnership with JOLT.

RPA Across Industries

Finance Banking
Higher Education
Public Sector

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